Baby Bottle is the little evil brother of The Lollipop Sisters.


In a litter of 4 puppies, 3 girls and a little runt boy were born: Strawberry Swirlie, Berry Twist, Rainbow Whirly, and Baby Bottle.

In their weeks/months old age, Baby Bottle was always teased and bullied by other pups for his name and being the little runt of the litter. They even danced around him singing the Baby Bottle Pop commercial song (except they replaced Pop with Pup). His sisters never defended him or hear how he got hurt since they always focused on their dreams of being cooking pups.

One day, he got fed up with all the teasing and his sisters ignoring him so he ran away. He also befriended several butterflies who were the only ones who never teased him.

When the girls came to Orchid Valley, they were surprised to see their little brother, now evil and with strong vengance now. Baby Bottle decided to get revenge on his sisters since they never noticed him and helped him with his bullying problems. He is joined by his butterfly friends not as his minion but as his loyal best friends who would do anything for him.


As a little pup, he was always a nervous and shy pup, but he soon got consumed with anger and vengance since he was always bullied and teased at. He has now become evil and won't stop until he gets his revenge.

His soft side is shown with his butterfly friends.


Baby Bottle is a collie like his sisters. He has green eyes, white and black fur with a brown heart-shape spot on his forehead.

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