The Australia PAW Patrol is the Paw patrol branch in Australia. The leader is a girl namd Keina. A cousin of Ryder's. She and her PAW Patrol protect Australia.


Sand: She is the Police pup of the group.

Grizzly: He is the Construction pup of the group.

Krio: He is the snow pup of the group.

Salt: She is the water pup of the group.

Karai: she is the Air rescue pup of the group.

Prack: he is the Eco pup of the group

Swiss: She is the fire pup of the group


Wip: Police pup trainee

Jill: Air rescue pup trainee


The Australia Paw patrol logo

The Australia PAW Patrol logo

Stories they appear inEdit

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third genEdit

creepy pastaEdit

Can't take no more part 1


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