Aussy and Andy

These two pups belong to Tundrathesnowpup. Aussy was adopted from Puppylove5 and Andromeda was adopted from WittleFuzzyPuppehs


Andromeda: She's a common poodle with a lion cut, fluffy around her ears, chest, paws, and tail. She is a light brown color though the spots where she has thicker fur are a darker shade of brown. Her eyes are pink and she has a small fringe. Her collar is yellow and her pup tag is pink with a picture of a bunny on it.

Aussy: Aussy is a blond Border Collie with a white stripe going down her head and muzzle, a white belly, under-tail, and front paw socks. She has golden eyes and wears a magenta collar. Her tag is light yellow with an orange kitten face on it


Andromeda: She's a very Shy, quiet, caring, kind, and curious pup. Much like Fluttershy, she's very caring about everything and everyone, but is a bit soft-spoken and easily spooked if snuck up on. She's got a large heart and is a very emotional pup

Aussy: Like Andy, she's very caring, kind, and curious, but she's much more outgoing and pushing than her adoptive sister. She's louder and doesn't spook as easily. She's a very happy-go-lucky pup and sees things in positive light. While Andy is a bit of a pushover at times, she's the pup to put her foot down. 


  • Andromeda's nickname is Andy- she calls Aussy "Aus" sometimes too, but only she can call her that
  • They are older than the PAW Patrol pups. (The pups would be 10/11 in human years, these girls would be 14)
  • The two were adopted in by a woman in her early 20s who was starting an animal daycare. She and the girls run an animal daycare and the girls help with the youngest animals
  • When they're adults they help babysit the PAW Patrol's children and even their grandkids 
  • Aussy and Andy are as tight as can be, two peas in a pod and hate to be apart from each other
  • The girls drive a large light blue bus with white paw prints that can sit up to 20 people 
  • Aussy has a crush on Marshall's older brother, Bentley. She sees a lot of good in him, and actually enjoys being around him

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