Athlone is a stray and the biological father of Fletcher. He's also Brooke's ex-mate.

He is owned by MidnightCollies.


Athlone is a tall, fluffy husky, with a curled tail. He is black, white and tan in colour. He has white on his mane, undercarriage and limbs, he also has white markings on his face. He has tan eyebrows, cheek tufts, ear and tail markings. The rest of his coat being an ebony black colour. He shares his sons light green eyes and wears a brown collar.


Athlone is carefree and high-spirited, though is a lot more mature than his son. He was a very caring and loving father, finding spending time with his son and mate the most imporating things in the world. He does have a jealous streak in him and can get angered easily, he's also very headstrong and stubborn, something his son inherited from him. Generally he was quite lazy, snoozing for almost eighteen hours each day.


As a pup, Athlone was adopted by an abusive and unhappy family. As a result, he became the target for their rage and was severly neglected and abused by his owners. It got to the point where he could take no more, so he chewed through his tether and ran off. He spent most of his time wandering the streets and wild, preferring to be feral than domestic due to the neglect he suffered from his previous owners. He lived alone in the forests and mountains, always isolating himself from any human settlement.

Eventally he ran into the free spirited Brooke, falling for the beautiful shepherd almost immediately. The two were together for a long time and even birthed a son, Fletcher. Their relationship lasted only a short time after Fletchers birth. Brooke wanted to have more children and live with a human family, ensuring their sons well being, though Athlone wanted to stay wild and move back to his original home, Alaska. The disagreeing views cause the two of them to split, Athlone leaving to head back to Alaska, though it is unknown whether he made the journey or not. No one has heard from him since.


  • He was created/"born" on the 27th of July, 2015.
  • He is named after a town here in Ireland.
  • His design was slightly inspired by Steele's from Balto.
  • He is also scared of mice, he's most of the reason why Fletcher is scared of them too, seeing his big touch dad scared if the tiny things made Fletcher believe them to be dangerous, so he's been scared of them ever since.
  • He has two sisters, from the same litter as he is. The oldest girl of is the mother of Igloo and Junebug. Athlone was the oldest of his litter.
  • Despite him being wild and wanting to live freely in the forest and on the streets most of the time, he does tend to visit his sisters and their human families a lot. He tends to avoid contact with their people, but won't turn down food if it's offered to him.
  • He disappears one night after Fletcher falls asleep, he regrets leaving his son, though at the time he felt it was what was best. Fletcher doesn't hold his father too this, he doesn't blame him for leaving him either. He's thankful his father let him and his mother go, if he hadn't Chase and Harper would never have been born.
  • When he and Brooke first met, Brooke was running from a dog catcher. The pair hid together while the dog catcher left and after that Athlone taught her how to survive out in the streets. He was there to comfort her when her human family left her, which he was all too happy about, since he felt she was better off without them.
  • He was the one who taught Fletcher to play soccer, thus sparking the pups interest in sports.


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