Asylam and Sylam are the twin brother's of Black Moon and their his little brothers

Appearance: Asylam:Asylam is a black Wolf German Shepherd mix like his twin brother and older brother and he has gray eyes.He wears a dark gray chain collar. Sylam:Sylam is a black Wolf German Shepherd mix like his twin brother and older brother and he has blue eyes.And he has a silver chain link on his forehead.

Personality: Asylam:Just like his name suggests,Asylam is very crazy and he is not very smart and he laughs hysterically and he is a handful for his siblings and his parents. Sylam:Unlike his twin brother,Sylam is brave and caring like his older brother and he protects his twin brother from any harm.

Bio: Both pups were born to a black German Shepherd and a black Night Wolf.When they were a month old,they witness their fathers death when the owner shot their father and their mother told them to never trust humans.One Month Later,the the twins and their siblings had to choose whether to stay with their mother or be a stray dog.Asylam decided to be a stray dog along with his older brother and Grim,while Sylam decided to stay with his mother along with Halloween and his little sister,and it was the fist time the twins were away from each other.

Trivia: .Asylam was found by Bandit and is one of the guards of the Stray Pup Santcuary along with a Hyena named Hector .Sylam has a crush on a brown Night Wolf named Alberta.Sylam is a Christian and he always went to his packs church and he read the bible and he still does

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