Note 🌟Edit

I got the idea for Astro from Astro from space buddies . she is the piolet of the rocket. Yet my Astro looks Nothing like Her. For one, this astro is a dog, the other Astro is a human.

About 🌠 Edit

Astro is good kind and caring. She lives at the solar system museum in adventure bay. She became a part of the PAW Patrol not long after her Puppy crushshe is also a tour guide at the solar museum and often gives the others free tours.

looks ☀Edit

   Astro has the same colors as Chase and His sister. The patch around her eye is bleach, while the fluff on her head is white. The rest of her patches are Chase's darker brown, while the rest if her is his lighter brown. She has blue eyes and a white collor with three different shades of blue on either side. Her badge is the PAW Patrol PAW PRINT with three stars around it and one in the middle of it.

                                                                                         Crush 💜Edit


Pup-pack 👗Edit

her pup pack is much like Roberto's, exept it has a few items for the tours. 

Gallery 💌
Astro the space pup!

I haven't coulerd all of it in, I will soon.


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