Astrid belongs to Lunar Lex.

Astrid without her uniform.

She is Wes's trainee, and one of Ivan's known siblings.


Astrid is a huge nerd. She loves sci-fi movies and all kinds of video games. She's a bit of a tomboy, but isn't rough and keeps to herself. She is very quiet and thoughtful, and always thinks before she speaks. Even though Astrid is shy, she's quite wild and funny once you get to know her. There is nothing more she loves than outer space, but she has never wanted to go to space before since she's not brave enough. One of her best friends is Gizmo, since they both share a love of outer space, and they start dating when they're in their late teens. When they're adults, however, they do not have any pups at first since the thought of having and raising children makes Astrid very uncomfortable. However, when Astrid saw how much her husband wanted kids, she just had to cave in and has Ganymede, Callisto, Io and Europa.


Astrid was the runt of her litter, and the only girl. Her brothers were named Ivan, Raymond and Lewis. When she was playing hide-and-seek with them one day, she got lost in the woods. She was so far into them that she couldn't find a way out. So, she lived there foor weeks, which is why she has good hunting skills. At night, she'd always stargaze and count the stars and memorize any constellation she found. Then, one day, the Paw Patrol was doing a mission in the woods when they found her hiding behind a bush. They took her in, and she stayed there for a few nights. She befriended Wes during her stay, and the two often talked about astronomy. A few days later, she got accepted into the Paw Patrol as Wes's trainee. Even though he's much older than her, the two are the best of friends. A couple weeks later, her brother Ivan got accepted in as well as Adam's trainee, and Astrid was overjoyed to see her brother again.


Astrid is a black border collie with a white muzzle, chest, tail tip, and white toes. She often wears large, black square glasses that look like they're taped together.


Astrid wears a light aqua vest with darker aqua sleeves. She wears a neon aqua collar with a tag that has a shooting star on it with a purple background.



  • Star guide
  • Telescope


  • TBA


  • "I'm the star of this show!"
  • "Let's reach for the stars!" (by Sam7341)
  • "The stars are the limit!" (by Vixiedog)


  • She was adopted from bagel-beagle on DA.
  • Like Wes, she loves My Little Pony. He was the one who got her into it. Her favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle.
  • Her original name was Luna, but I changed it since Luna was taken.
  • I also changed her job from an astronaut to an astronomer.

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