Note; they are co-owned by USS Hero and Takota95

Bio Edit

Both Blaze and Asha were both born and raised in the Trussian province of Rouge, both oof them were very young and small when the Civil war of their hop began.  Their family was targeted do to their fathers connection in the government and the revenge the Terrorist wanted on him.

Personality Edit


Asha is a very carry and strong Pup. She is very mature for her young age and she is also very maternal towards her little Brother blaze. She loves him and after their family was separated she took close care of him and herself until later when she joined Starfleet then both had a place to call home.


Blaze is a happy go lucky Puppy, he is a bit immature but will become very strong as he gets older. HE also loves his sister Rei very much and his Brother Blood who he barley remembers until they all met after joining start fleet. He is often, either easy going or he will be a bit bad sometimes but in total he is really sweet and looks up to his Brother and sister. Sometime Blaze will also have nightmares from the day when he and his family were all separated and the carnage that happened, they are so bad he will wake up screaming only to be comforted by his sister Hope.

Appearance Edit


Asha is a German Shepherd like here brothers, she has a wonderful black fur with red eyes and a porting of red fur shaped like a heart on her back and chest. She is also very soft and cuddly, he little brother blaze loves to hug and sleep on her back.


Blaze, also being a German Shepherd has Black fur and red eyes. HE has red tipped ears and Red colored tail. HE is very small and young and his eyes are very large.

trivia Edit

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