This is a collab between SmokythePolicePup and SistersShiraandSkye. It is also a prequel to Pups and the Reoccurring Nightmare.

AN: Do Not Edit Unless You Have Permission


When a number of break-ins happen in Ivory Bay, the PAW Patrol is called on the case. They send Shira, Chase, and Skye to investigate. When Shira interviews one of the victims, Aryana, she falls head over tail for her. Now she must save the day as well as capture the heart of her one true love.





It was a dark summer evening in Adventure Bay. The pups are gathered around the TV in the TV room watching the news.

News Anchor: A new development today as a string of house break-ins have hit Ivory Bay. Items stolen include rings, necklaces, televisions, and furniture.

Smoky: Wow!

Shira: oh my not again!

Ryder: This seems to be getting serious. We should go check it out!

Shira: I agree

Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!

The pups: Ryder needs us!

  • they all run into the elevator and Marshall trips and crashes into the pups as usual*

Rocky: Again? Really?

  • The pups rise up in the elevator where Ryder is waiting*

Chase (in the formation): Ready for action Ryder sir!

Smoky: Yeah! We're ready for action!

Ryder: Bad news pups! It seems that criminals have been breaking into people's houses in Ivory Bay

Skye: that's bad

Shira: we have to catch who's robbing these houses

Ryder: For this, I'll need *flips through his pup pad* Chase! I'll need you to go sniff out the criminal and bring them to justice!

Chase: Chase is on the case!

Smoky: Can I come?

Ryder: Sorry Smoky, we need you here in case Adventure Bay needs a police pup.

Smoky: Okay.

Ryder: *flips to Skye's symbol* Skye, I need you to look for the criminals from the air!

Skye: This pup's gotta fly!

Ryder: And finally I need Shira! We can use your P.I skills to interview the victims and follow the clues!

Shira: This PI has a keen eye!

Ryder: Alright! PAW Patrol is on a roll! *goes down the pole*

Shira: (goes down the slide)

Chase and Skye: *goes down the slide*

Shira: (transforms her pup house into her PI's car and drives off)

Chase and Skye: *drives off to Ivory Bay*

Shira: Chase how many robbers do you think there are?

Chase: Maybe two or three.

Shira: let's hope they don't hit the same houses twice

Chase: That would be bad

Shira: yes but actually it would be good I asked Ryder to add equipment to my pup pack that I thought would help with anything like this

Chase: So, you ever meet that lucky pup yet?

Shira: sadly not yet Chase I know how happy you and my sis are together but...

Chase: Yeah! I'm sure you will find someone!

Shira: Chase I feel that it's hard for me to find a girl that would love me

Chase: You gotta keep searching. You never know when you'll find that lucky pup

Shira: I'm just happy for my sis I know in my heart that I'll find that lucky pup but for now I'm happy for what I have

Chase: That's good!

Shira: hehe yep you never know what you have till it's gone

Chase: That's true!

Shira: yep hehe even my sis knows that

Chase: yup!

They arrive in Ivory Bay.

Shira: wow so this is Ivory Bay

Chase: Yup! It's where Rocky and Smoky grew up

Shira: cool place

Chase: Yeah! I'll look around town with Ryder. Go to the home of a pup named Bethany. Her house was robbed last night.

Shira: I'm on it but uh what's the address?

Chase: 978 Maple Tree Drive.

Shira: I'm on it! (Drives to the address) this is it okay let's do this (goes to the door and knocks)

Bethany: How may I help you?

Shira: hi I'm Shira I'm a PI and I'm here to ask you some questions

Bethany: Okay! I'll get my daughter. Aryana! An investigator is here!

Aryana: *from upstairs* Coming mom!

Shira: So Bethany one question for you what time was your house robbed last night?

Bethany: We were robbed a little after midnight last night.

Shira: Okay and were you awake?

Bethany: I was asleep but my daughter heard the glass break. Here she is now!

Aryana: *enters* I'm here!

Shira: Okay I'll talk with her alone okay

Bethany: Okay! *goes into the kitchen*

Shira: (looks at Aryana) h..hi I'm Shira are you Aryana? (Blushes a little)

Aryana: Yes I am! Hehehe You okay?

Shira: your beautiful...uh I'm sorry I'm here to ask you some questions

Aryana: *blushes* It's okay. hehehe

Shira: (blushes) so your house was robbed around midnight correct?

Aryana: Yes it was.

Shira: I work with the Paw Patrol and we will catch whoever did this so you mom said you heard a glass break?

Aryana: Yeah! It turned out to be the glass door in the dining room.

Shira: Aryana may I come in I'd like to see the glass door

Aryana: Sure! *leads her to the door*

Shira: (thinking: I believe I found the pup of my dreams) (looks at the glass door) uh Aryana by any chance how many were there? Were any wearing gloves?

Aryana: I'm not sure. I just heard the glass break in the middle of the night and in the morning, I saw the door broken

Shira: okay hmm let me see

Aryana: See anything suspicious?

Shira: well I definitely see your beauty hehehe (blushes) but as for the door nothing at the moment but I'll keep looking but mind staying with me I'll need to ask more questions

Aryana: *blushes* Sure thing

Shira: ruff magnifying glass (her magnifying glass comes out and she looks around) huh what's this? (Looks closer) oh my it's a piece of skin I think whoever robbed you broke the glass by punching it

Aryana: Oww

Shira: to be honest it had cut him or her but it didn't hurt them to bad

Aryana: so you are looking for a pup with cuts on his or her paws?

Shira: well whoever has done this is really strong and no it's a human ruff evidence bag and tweezers (the evidence bag an tweezers come out an she puts the skin into the bag)

Aryana: so what now?

Shira: well that piece of skin is evidence so what did you find missing?

Aryana: Our TV, my ring and my mom's necklace

Shira: okay anything else?

Aryana: The collar i had as a pup

Shira: okay beautiful and I know you heard the glass break but did you see anyone when they were walking around taking stuff?

Aryana: There was one male pup with a mask on taking things. his paw got blood on our floor

Shira: so there was a pup and human working together where's the blood?

Aryana: The blood is in the living room

Shira: can you please show me where in the living room it is

Aryana: *leads her to where the couch was and shows the dried blood spots*

Shira: oh my that's a lot of blood ruff camera (a camera comes out and she takes pictures of the blood)

Aryana: Cool pup pack!

Shira: thank you Aryana (blushes a dark red)

Aryana: So any leads yet?

Shira: well I took pictures of the blood spots is there anything else?

Aryana: I don't think so

Shira: okay don't worry Aryana we'll get to the bottom of this (calls Chase on her pup tag) Chase?

Chase: Chase here

Shira: Chase where are you and Ryder?

Chase: we're trying to track the robbers

Shira: ok cuz I took pictures of blood stains they're dry so I'm not sure if I can get a sample

Chase: we'll make sure you bring any witnesses with you in the investigation

Shira: hey this PI has a keen eye and I will don't worry

Chase: over and out *hangs up*

Shira: okay Aryana do you know anyone who would break into your house

Aryana: not really, everyone loves us

Shira: okay I'll be right back okay?

Aryana: Ok Ms

Shira: call me Shira okay

Aryana: ok Shira

Shira: (smiles and goes to a neighbors house)

Aryana: *goes to her room*

Shira: (knocks on the door) hello?

Neighbor: hello?

Shira: hi I'm Shira and I'm a PI I work with the police

Neighbor: how may i help you?

Shira: I was wondering if you saw anything that could help identify the person and pup who robbed your neighbors house

Neighbor: I was out of town last night

Shira: was anyone here who may be able to help

Neighbor: no sorry *his bandaged hand becomes visible*

Shira: oh my what happened?

Neighbor: I uhhhh cut it making dinner for my pup

Shira: may I see your pup please

Neighbor: sure!

Shira: (walks in) thank you uh where's your pup?

Neighbor: he's in the kitchen

Shira: okay thank you (goes into the kitchen)

Pup: *eats*

Shira: (sees the pup) excuse me

Pup: yeah?

Shira: I need to ask you a few questions

Pup: okay

Shira: your neighbors next door do you know them?

Pup: sorta. Don't see them often

Shira: okay do you know anything about the break in

Pup: I went to bed early last night

Shira: okay because I asked your owner if anyone was here and he said no

Pup: He wasn't here. I was

Shira: okay then thank you anyways

Pup: you're welcome

Shira: oh one more question how'd your owner hurt himself

Pup: I'm not sure. I didn't know he was hurt

Shira: okay then thanks talk to you later (leaves)

Pup: bye

Shira: (goes back to Aryana's house) Aryana?

Aryana: zzz

Shira: (searches for her) Aryana where are you?

Bethany: she's in her room sleeping

Shira: thank you Bethany (goes to her room & knocks)

Aryana: *sleeping peacefully

Shira: (goes in) awwwww she's so beautiful (blushes when she says that)

Aryana: zzz

Shira: (goes to her an licks her)

Aryana: *starts waking up*

Shira: (licking her cheek)

Aryana: Shira?

Shira: yes it's me

Aryana: how come you're licking me?

Shira: sorry Aryana I just wanted to know you said glass was broken?

Aryana: yeah

Shira: do you think the glass could've cut the culprit?

Aryana: yeah, it's glass

Shira: so you think maybe someone punched the glass? Also do you think the pup also would've got cut from the glass or no?

Aryana: no, the pup would have been careful

Shira: okay good (calls Chase)

Chase: Chase here!

Shira: Chase I need u an Ryder at Aryana's house now please

Chase: Chase is on the case! *arrives*

Shira: hi you two

Chase: hey Shira

Shira: I have a lead but I'm not sure if they're the ones who did this

Chase: oh I see

Shira: the guy and his pup next door you see the glass was broken I asked the guy how he cut himself because he has a bandage on his hand and his response was that he cut himself making his pup dinner but I asked the pup he said he didn't know his owner cut himself also the pup was home but the owner claimed to be out during the robbery but I never told them when it took place the owner said last night which i didn't say

Chase: that is very suspicious

Shira: yep

Chase: who's that? Is that the girl you like? *points to Aryana who's within earshot*

Shira: (blushes) Chase Ryder meet Aryana

Aryana: *standing there in shock*

Shira: Aryana come on out they're my friends

Aryana: did he just say what I thought he said?

Shira: yes Aryana this is Chase he's the police pup on the Paw Patrol and that's Ryder he's our leader

Ryder: hi nice to meet you 

Chase: nice to meet you

Aryana: Shira, can I talk to you privately?

Shira: sure

They walk into the living room.

Aryana: like me?

Shira: *nods* yes

Aryana: *blushes* I like you too

Shira: (blushes) I know we're in the middle of this case but....

Aryana: but?

Shira: (goes to Aryana and kisses her muzzle)

Aryana: *kisses Shira*

Shira: (breaks the kiss) Aryana I love you with all my heart will you go out with me?

Aryana: yes Shira! I will!

Shira: oh thank you! thank you! thank you!

Aryana: hehehe you're welcome

Shira: so let's solve this case shall we?

Aryana: ok Shir!

Shira: Shir? I like that!

Aryana: hehehe

Shira: come on Ary let's go back to the others

Aryana: ok! Hehehehe

Shira: hehehe my nickname for you babe (walks back to the others) okay we're back

Chase: welcome back

Shira: thank you (nuzzles Aryana)

Chase: awwww

Shira: guys we're uh dating (blushes)

Ryder: awwww how cute

Aryana: *giggles*

Shira: I love my Ary

Aryana: *blushes*

Shira: (nuzzles her) okay so where are we on finding the robbers by the way Chase go next door to that house (points) and talk to them and see what they say

Chase: These paws uphold the laws! *runs off

Shira: hopefully they don't change their stories if they do they're most likely the ones who did this Ary

Aryana: I see. What should we do?

Ryder: let's wait

Aryana: ok

*they all wait for Chase to come back*

Aryana: I'm bored

Shira: where's Chase he should be back by now right?

Aryana: I hope he's okay

Shira: I'm going to go over and see what's going on he's my partner (runs over to the house and knocks)

Aryana: wait for me! *follows*

Shira: (knocking)

Neighbor: hello?

Shira: hi I was just here before and I was wondering if my friend Chase came over here

Neighbor: I haven't seen your friend

Shira: your lying he just came over here I showed him this house and he came over

Neighbor: while I didn't see him *shuts the door*

Shira: he wasn't this rude before grrrr (calls Chase) bud?

*There is no response*

Shira: grrrrrr somethings wrong

Aryana: I'm worried

Shira: we need a warrant to search their house but I know Chase came here and he always answers (takes down the address) ok let's go to the police station

Aryana: okay!

Shira: (calls Ryder) Ryder we're going to get a warrant to search the house Chase isn't answering when I called him I have a feeling somethings wrong 

Ryder: okay good luck I'll stay at Aryana's house

Aryana: *whimpers*

Shira: don't worry Chase will be fine

Aryana: I hope so

Shira: trust me he will be fine look over there there's the police station

Aryana: let's go! *runs inside*

Shira: (runs inside with her)

Aryana: help!

Shira: some one please help!

Officer: hi there

Aryana: our friend is in trouble!!!

Officer: what?! What happened?!

Aryana: my neighbors pupnapped our friend Chase and they robbed me

Shira: well we're not 100% sure bout that but we did send our friend Chase over to this address (gives it to the officer) and he hasn't come back 

Officer: that's weird if he went to talk which I'm guessing he did it shouldn't have taken him that long ok we'll get a warrant (goes to the chief and eventually comes back with a warrant) okay let's go

Aryana: hurry!

Shira: thanks we will meet you there (runs off)

Aryana: *follows*

*the officer gets a whole team of police and they drive to the address with warrant* 

Shira: there they are

Aryana: hi!

Officer: okay men let's move! 

*Some go into the back and the rest stay in the front*

Officer: (knocks) open up!

Neighbor: may I help you?

Officer: we have a warrant to search this place

Neighbor: come in

Officer: thank you (they go in) 

Shira: come on sweetie (goes in)

Aryana: *enters*

*the officers search the house*

Shira: (searching)

Aryana: see anything Shir?

Shira: not yet hon how about you?

Aryana: nothing

Officer: (comes back with a collar) I found this

Aryana: That's Chase's collar!

Shira: yep it is 

Officer: (looks at the owner) where's the pup who wears this collar?!

Neighbor: i don't know

Shira: you're lying

Neighbor: no I'm not

Officer: really how'd you hurt yourself?

Neighbor: giving my pup his dinner

Officer: may I see

Neighbor: sure thing

Shira: may I officer?

Officer: go right ahead

Shira: ruff magnifying glass (it comes out)

Neighbor: *shows his hand*

Shira: (looks at the cut closely) hmmm what did you cut yourself with?

Neighbor: can opener

Ryder: (walks in) guys I've checked with the other neighbors and none of them have cuts also some of them said they saw a guy and his pup go into their house and they came from this direction

Aryana: Grrrrrrr

Officer: you're lying

Shira: also your stories didn't match up they're the criminals!

Neighbor: I'm telling the truth

Shira: really because your pup had no idea that you were cut

Officer: uh how's that even possible

Neighbor: he Uhhh didn't see me cut it

Shira: ok let me ask you this then how'd you know about the robbery if you left town

Neighbor: the newspapers

Officer: (goes down to the basement and sees Chase) oh my!

Chase: *handcuffed to a pipe unconscious*

Officer: (goes to him and unlocks the cuffs picks him up then comes out) I decided to go look again and I found him in the basement

Shira: oh my dog! That's Chase!

Ryder: he looks unconscious

Aryana: *whimpers*

Shira: (turns to the owner) what did you do?!

Neighbor: he asked too many questions. Like one annoying Cockapoo *takes Aryana hostage*

Shira: hey put my lover down!

Officers: freeze!

Neighbor: No, you are not sending me to jail! 

Aryana: Help!!

Shira: honey! Let her go!

Neighbor: no

Officer: I saw his badge is this pup a cop?

Ryder: yes

Officer: you're under arrest for pupnapping, robbery, & assaulting an officer of the law! 

*the officer gives Chase to Ryder and all the officers point their guns  at the neighbor*

Neighbor: haha you can't arrest me! I still have your pup

Shira: guys he had help from his pup!

Officer #2: (walks up with the pup) I caught him while he was eating

Officer #1: you're under arrest put the pup down now!

Neighbor: no

Shira: put her down before I make you!

Neighbor: never! *drags Aryana out of the house*

Shira: grrrrr (runs outside) put her down!

Neighbor: never!

Bethany: You will not attack my daughter! *tackles the neighbor causing him to let go of Aryana

Shira: Ary! (Uses her power to save Aryana)

Aryana: Thanks Shir!

Shira: (brings Aryana to her) you're welcome my love

Aryana: *kisses Shira* 

Bethany: Awww you two are so cute together!

Shira: (blushes a deep red) thank you Bethany

Bethany: you're welcome 

Chase: *wakes up* what happened?

Shira (kisses Aryana back)

Ryder: Chase you're okay! (Hugging him)

Chase: yeah!

Ryder: we caught them look 

Officer #1: okay you too we're going down to the station (says the officer as they put the pup and the neighbor into the cop cars) thanks for all your help guys talk to you later (they all drive off)

Aryana: glad that's over

Shira: (hugs Aryana) I love you I'd never let anything happen to you 

Ryder: Chase go see them and let them know you're okay

Aryana: *blushes and hugs back*

Chase: sure thing Ryder!

Shira: (nuzzles her) 

Ryder: (standing in the doorway and puts him down) go on bud

Chase: I'm okay guys!

Shira: huh? Chase!! (Hugs him)

Chase: *hugs her* thanks Shira!

Shira: you're welcome I'm so glad you're okay well now that the case is closed what do we do now?

Ryder: well pups we should get home oh Aryana here (gives her back everything they took)

Aryana: Thanks guys! *to Shira* wanna go see a movie?

Shira: sure may I Ryder?

Ryder: sure Shira go right ahead you deserved it

Shira: thanks!

Aryana: let's go! *runs off*

Shira: see you later! (Runs off after her)

The End...

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