Aristol is Misha's trainee

Bio Edit

He was kicked out of his family for a cat like tail. He was stray and he wandered around looking for an owner. One day he ate bad food and he got sick. He was able to get to the lookout where some the PAW Patrol found him and took care of him. Once he was better he started helping Misha identify gems and loved looking at her equipment. Misha saw this and took him to Ryder and asked for him to be her trainee. Ryder said yes and gave Aristol his badge.

Appearance Edit

He is a cream and light brown Borzoi. He is mostly cream with a super light brown under tail. He has a medium spot on the top of his left shoulder and a small one next to it. He has an oval shaped spot on his left back leg about a bit higher then half way. He has green eyes and wears an emerald green collar. His badge is a diamond with a rock next to it.

Personality Edit

He is a bit stubborn and shy but once you get to know him he is fun loving and silly. He is willing to make new friends but he isn't like " Oh a new pup! I have to meet him/her " type of pup.

Crush Edit

Feel free to suggest one

Uniform and Vehicle Edit

He has an emerald green uni form and wears a emerald green mining hat. His pup pack has a magnifying glass, gem storing case, and a polishing cloth in it.

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite gem is an Emerald.
  • He likes to bury fake gems and have pups find them. He calls it. Seek the gem.

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