Future Generation: HiroXAnnaEdit

After talking about having pups for months, Anna finally gives birth to four healthy pups. Three girls and a boy. First came Wendy, then Tadashi, then Kai and lastly, Gerda. Wendy wants to be like Lani and Auntie Skye, while Tadashi wants to pair up with Crash. Kai and Gerda don't know just yet what they want to be, but Gerda is thinking about being a florist.


Wendy: TBD

Tadashi: TBD

Kai: TBD

Gerda: TBD


Wendy: A big daydreamer, and a great story-teller, Wendy tends to stray from the real world and into her imagination fantasy most of the time, while her mother tells her stories.

Tadashi: Tech-savy, and a bit of a troublemaker, Tadashi loves to cause trouble with MJ, who he's rarely seen without. He loves to listen to Wendy's stories and act them out.

Kai: Sweet and innocent, Kai was a shock to both her parents. She loves to listen to her sister, Wendy, telling her stories, but can hardly talk, due to the fact that she's mute, and can only whisper.

Gerda: Somewhat collective and calm, Gerda has a HUGE crush on MJ. She loves flowers, but has to stay clear from bees, since she's allergic.

Relationship with their CousinsEdit

Surprisingly, the only pups that are close to their cousins are Wendy and Tadashi. Gerda and Kai aren't too familiar with them yet. Wendy loves to hang out with Lani, Blitz, Ace and Sapphire more than anything, while Tadashi likes to hang out with Crash.


Wendy: She doesn't know who she can trust to love, so she doesn't have a crush. She later develops a crush on a Jack Russel/Red Heeler mix named Peter

Tadashi: Icicle seems to have feelings for him


Gerda: She sloooooooowlllyyy develops a crush on Marshall Jr


  • Wendy was named after Wendy Moira Angela Darling from Peter Pan


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