Aquarius is a mer pup

Bio Edit

He and his sister where born in a litter just a few months before their parents died. When their parents died two months after their birth they started wandering around. Then they meet Splash and became great friends with him. They were both happy for Splash when he gained the magic water. ( Though Aquarius claims he was happier ) Then they both were excited when they got their magic water.

Appearance Edit

Regular- He is a husky dalmation mix like his sister. He has a black mussel and a black chest and stomach. He has black under tail. He has a teardrop shape on his left ear and a heart shape on his right. on his back legs he has long patch of black on both. He has blue eyes and wears an aqua collar with a raincloud tag.

Mer-Pup- He looks the same except underwater his spots are a bit lighter like a super, super dark gray. His tail is black with navy stripes at the top, middle and bottom. His fin is navy. His collar tag also is now a raindrop.

Personality Edit

He is super fun loving and adventurous. He loves to play games and spend time with Splash. Though he doesn't like it when people, pups, or cats are mean.

Trivia Edit

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