Official Members (First Generation) Edit

Deaton - Leader.

Scrapper - Mechanic Pup.

Acorn - Electrician Pup

Pilot - Marine Pup

Aero - Construction Pup.

W.I.P - Recycle Pup.

Dearley - Police Pup

Faux - Spy/Stunt Pup

Kylie - Aviation Pup

Ashlynn - Fire Pup

Sarabi - Vet / Paramedic Pup

Ruckus - Snowy mountain Pup

Fog - Weather Watcher Pup

Amaya - Storm Chaser Pup

Caylaura - Cave Rescue Pup

Eureka - Scientist Pup

Unofficial Members Edit

Brandy - Security / Guard Pup

Beacon - Sports pup.

May Bella - Groomer Pup

Evangeline - Cooking pup

Keys - Music Pup

Coconut - Party pup

Lilybell - Herb Collecting Pup

Twizz - Candy Pup

Lark - DJ Pup

W.I.P - Astronomy Pup

Roderick - Painter Pup

Tallie - Babysitter Pup

Trainees Edit

Port - Trainee under Pilot, Marine Pup.

Tip - Trainee under Dearly, Police Pup.


Painter - Trainee under Roderick, Painter Pup

Official Members (Second Generation) Edit

Robert - Police Pup

Gelato - Marine Pup

Dolf - Construction Pup

Berlin - Storm Chaser

Eugene - Nurse/Doctor

Karsyn - Snowy Mountain Rescue Pup

Shirley - Aviation Pup

Unofficial Edit

Fee - Groomer / News Anchor Pup

Abbi - DJ Pup

Sargent - Guard / Security pup

Minta - Herb Collecter Pup

Special Notes: Edit

  1. All pups in this Paw Patrol belong to their rightful owners!
  2. They are free to come and free to leave at any time.
  3. Since there are so many different pups owned by different users then that means there are going to be a ton of different bios! So right now I am granting permission to EVERYONE to use Deaton as they wish! He doesn't mind and I don't! (Yes, I am seriously that generous.) Your pups belong to you! So if there's a certain way that you want to design your Bio go right ahead! Remember, you hold all the power in your paws.
  4. Everyone is allowed to make their own trainees.
  5. There will be a Second Generation for anyone who wants to design second generation characters or add some they already own, all are welcome.
  6. Feel free to start writing your own stories! If you're going to add someone else's pups PLEASE ask their proper owner first, thank you!
  7. Deaton's home town is Stormy Bay. He lives there with his Paw Patrol. (Unless stated otherwise! Please let me know if you don't want your pups living in Stormy Bay - they're your pups, they belong to you and can easily be moved, thank you!)

Stories They Appear In Edit

First Generation: Edit

  1. Pups get a Port
  2. Pups Save A Sports Pup
  3. Pups Save Big View Trail
  4. Kylie Saves The Fast Flying Pilots - W.I.P
  5. Scrapper Saves Inky - W.I.P
  6. Pilot Saves The Baby Orca - W.I.P

Second Generation: Edit

  1. Deaton Meets Ryall
  2. Pups Stop A Rockslide (Highview) - W.I.P

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