Anthony is owned by Chase the police pup555, you are not allowed to use him without my permission

Anthony Edit

He is a worker at the Stray Pup Sanctuary and scavengers for food fur the pups.

He occasionally visits the Lookout to visit his Best friend, Scramble and his lil ' brother, Bear.

Personality Edit

He is sweet kind and Gentle to Everypup he meets. He loves to play with his brother Bear and All the stray pups at the sanctuary.

Appearance Edit

He is light gray with A dark brown stomach. He has Timid blue eyes. He has a white face, and light brown freckles on his muzzle. He has two black socks on his legs in front. His ears are white with black spots and his tail is just like his back.

Family Edit

Mate: Frito

Brother: Bear

Crush Edit

He found a beautiful pup in Adventure Bay when his brother was adopted there. Her name was Frito

In the The Crack Ships Series he Is married to Scramble.

Job Edit

He works at the stray pup sanctuary in Foggy bottom helping out with the pups

His tag is a Health badge, Shovel and Flashlight, in that order, side by side with a silhouette background

He stays in the Pup sanctuary's New residences.

Gallery: Edit

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