With that they met up with everyone.

Sora-Hey guys!

Axel- Hey pups!

Chase- Well you two are in a good mood

Sora-Yep, just thinking about your surprise, just thinking about it makes me want to jump up and down!

Axel- I don't think I can hold he excitement anymore Sora! I could just..jump and down too!

Skye- Man, it must be good!

Sora-Oh it is, it's a magical sight!

Everest-  I'm excited too!

Sora-Gah, why can't this day end!

Axel- I hate waiting, you know that Sora!

Sora-Me too, why do you think I fall asleep?

Axel- ......


Axel- *Starts to dose off a little*

Sora-Hehehe, looks like it's rubbing off on you.

Chase- Heheh, oh that silly pup

Sora-You sleepy?

Axel- Y-Yeah

Sora-Hmm, it is kind of early.

Sora-Want to ride in my Cherry picker?

Axel- S-Sure

With that Axel climbed in the cherry picker.

Axel- *Yawns*

Rocky- Why would you have him ride in your truck?

Chase- Yeah I was thinking the same thing

Sora-Well, he likes helps him relax...

Chase- Oh...I never thought of something like that...that’s really nice of you Sora.

Sora-*blushes* Well, he said it helps him unwind to just have someone drive him...I don't mind, I'd do anything to make him happy.

Axel- *A little drowsy* And I would anything for you...Sora...

Sora-Okay, let's go big bro...

Axel- Okay....Sora..

Sora-You doing okay?

Axel- Y..Yeah...

Sora-That's good...hehe it feels kind of funny doing this.

Axel- Why is that?

Sora-You're my big bro and I'm driving you around like a puppy...*giggle*

Axel- *Giggles* Very funny.

Sora-I'm not making fun of you just makes me feel like I've got a purpose.

Axel- I know...I just...*Starts to dose off again*

Sora-....D-do you think you could do it for me someday?

Axel- Sure Sora.

Sora-Don't fight it, go ahead and take a nap.

Axel- T-Thanks Sora...

Sora-No prob bro, you'll need it for later.

Axel- Yeah I will.

With that they drove around and eventually made it back

Axel- Zzzzzzzzz.....Zzzzzzzz

Chase- Hey Sora.

Sora-Ssh, *points to Axel*

Rocky- *Whispers* Aw, look at him

Sora-He's finally happy...he's really happy!


Chase- Yay! I'm so glad he is

Rocky- Awww

Sora-I think that talk from earlier tired him out.

Skye- Yeah...I think so too…

Sora-It tired me out to...but I'm used to being sleepy.

Rocky- Yeah we know that Sora.

Sora-*Rolls eyes*

Rocky- Sorry

Sora-No it's fine, I do sleep a lot.

Rocky- But I mean he looks so peaceful now

Sora-Yeah, I love it when he's like this...he's done so much for me.

Axel- *Perks ears up*


Axel- Zzzzz....Zzzzz...Zzzzz

Chase- I think he heard you.

Sora-Hey, I've got an you guys think you guys can show us around town?

Chase- Sure

Sora-Great, I mean...I know we've been here a week, but we've only seen a few parts of the town.

Chase- I think we can change that

Just then Axel began to stir.

Axel- H...Hey G...Guys what's up

Sora-Good morning, sleep well?

Axel- Yeah I did

Chase- Good morning sleepy pup

Sora-That's good, you're never too old for a good nap I say!

Axel- Yeah it felt good

Sora-Hey Axel, Chase said they'd show us around town.

Axel- Really!

Rocky- Yeah, there's still a lot of people you don't know.

Axel- Yay! I can't wait!

Sora-Let's go!

Axel- Yeah!

With that they met up with Ryder-.

Axel- Hey Ryder-!

Ryder- What

Chase- Sora and Axel haven't met a few people in town!

Rocky- Yeah they haven't

Ryder- Oh yeah, Caption Turbit hasn't met you yet.

Axel- Huh?

Ryder- Yeah, he's a friend of ours...he runs the light house.

Axel- Ooh


Zuma- You dudes would like him

Sora-Sounds like fun!

Axel-It sure does

Ryder- He's a fun guy.

Axel- Cool

Rocky- Yeah he is, even though we have to get near water to see him...

Sora-Thought so, after all he's a light house keeper.

Axel- *Shivers* Water...

Skye- Don't worry, you won't have to go in it.

Axel- S-Sorry not over that fear yet

Chase- Don't sweat it.

Ryder- Shall we go?

Axel- Yeah

With that they headed over to Caption Turbits place.

Sora-*looking at ocean* WOW!

Axel- I'm a little nervous...

Sora-It's so big!!!

Zuma- Oh yeah, you've never seen the ocean before.

Sora-No, it's SO cool!

Axel-*Looks at Sora* (Look at him...I never seen him this happy before! I'm so happy for him)


Ryder- Hehehe.

Just then they saw a boat heading towards them

Axel- Huh?

Ryder- There he is!

Caption Turbt-Ahoy!

Chase- Hi Caption Turbit

Ryder- Hello Caption!

Caption Turbit- Ahoy Ryder-

Ryder- We've got a couple new members who are eager to meet you.

Caption Turbit- New members, where are they?

Sora-*hides behind Axel*

Everest-  Aw, don't be shy Sora!

Axel- *Stands protectively in front of Sora* Hello

Caption Turbit- Hello there

Axel- I'm Axel, and this is my friend Sora


Caption Turbit- Oh a real fox...I never met one of those before.

Sora-Y-yeah, I've been getting that a lot.

Axel- Y-Yeah he's a real fox!

Sora-N-not all of us are very nice.

Axel- Ain't the truth

Sora-Ehehehe, yeah…

Axel- Thats in the past though name's Sora.

Captian Turbit- Nice to meet you both

Sora-You too, I-I'm sorry I'm being so and Axel are just not used to people.

Axel- Y-Yeah, we've only been on the team for a week.

Captian Turbit- Oh I see

Sora-You see...we grew up in the forest.

Axel- And we didn't really have any connection with people.

Ryder- Yep, they lived on their own.

Sora-Yeah, for better or worse.

Captian Turbit- Wow

Sora-You see, long story short...we love to help others and heard of the Paw we went to check them out, and well...we fit right in!

Axel- Yep, we sure do!

Chase- Yeah they did, and the craziest part is Axel is my older brother!

Captian Turbit- Really!?

Sora-Yeah, funny world.

Axel- Yeah


Axel- *giggles*

Ryder- Yeah, they had a pretty rough past...but each of them are happy members.

Captian Turbit- Oh

Sora-Y-yeah...we lost our families...*sniff*

Axel- Y-Yeah... *sniff*

Sora-*gasp* B-but we're happy now honest, we've got a new home and friends!

Axel- ....Yeah we do...

Sora-*sigh* Me and my big mouth...

Axel- It's not your fault Sora.

Sora-Yeah...we did have some hardships, but it all worked out.

Axel- Yep

Chase- Yeah.

Rocky- Sure did

Ryder- Yep, and they’ve been a great help.

Axel- We need to

Sora-Yep, they've done a lot for us...and we need to pull our weight.

Axel- Yeah we do!

Everest-  Aw, come on guys you really don't have too

Sora-Yeah, I know...

Axel- But we want to...

Sora-I hope the surprise's the best thing we know.

Axel- Yeah I hope so too

Skye- There you go talking about this "surprise"

Everest-  Yeah what are you two planning?

Sora-Well, we can't say or we'd blow it...but I guess we can give a small hint

Axel- Hmm, maybe

Skye- Please...

Axel- *looks at Sora* What do you think Sora?

Sora-Okay, it'll be the prettiest sunset you'll ever see, that's all I'm saying.

Skye- *gasp* A sunset!

Axel- Y-Yeah

Sora-Yep, that get you excited?

Skye- Yeah

Sora-(I hope Everest Likes it)

Yep, and it's the best thing we know.

Everest-  What a great idea!

Axel- Yeah it is a really great sight

Sora-I hope you guys like it.

Axel- It's one of the ways we can repay you

Caption Turbit-Sunsets are always a great way to end the day.

Axel- Or start one if you look at a sunrise!

Caption Turbit-Hahaha, that it does!

Just then a walrus came near the shore.

Axel- Yeah me and Sora start our day with it

*notices it*

Umm who is that?

Chase- Wally!

Axel- Huh?

Ryder- That's one of our friends Wally.

Axel- Oh

Sora-Wow, we have a walrus as a friend!? Awesome!

Axel- Yeah really cool!

Ryder- Yep, I'm glad to have so many great friends!

Captain Turbit-I know the feeling.

Axel- *Starts to doze off a little*

Caption Turbit-So, what are your jobs?

Axel- Huh? Oh..Sorry about that

Sora-Didn't get enough sleep?

Axel- Y-Yeah

Sora-He asked us what jobs we have.

Axel- Oh, I'm a forest rescue pup

Sora-Well, being I'm a fox and am a natural born climber, I'm there special units pup. That means it's my job to get in places the other pups can't get to.

Ryder- Yep, that's their jobs.

Axel- Yeah

*Dozes off again*


Chase- I guess they both are tired…I mean it's still pretty early

Skye- Can you blame them? I mean, this week has just been nuts.

Chase- No I can't.

Caption Turbit-Well, nice to meet both of you.

Axel- *In sleep* Nice to meet you too...

Sora-*dozing off* Yeah, thanks.

Axel- zzzzzzz

Chase- Well there goes Axel

Skye-Aww, looks like he's out.

Sora-*yawn* *taps his shoulder* Axel, come on time to wake up.

Axel- *Starting to stir* S-Sorry

Sora-No it's fine...

Caption Turbit-Well, you two are great pups.

Axel- Thanks

Sora-Yeah, that means a lot.

Ryder- Well, we better get going.

Caption Turbit-Okay, see you later!

Axel- Yeah it's almost time.

Sora-Wait, what?

Axel- For a little nap

Sora-*giggle* Oh yeah, I guess waking up at dawn caught up to us.

Axel- *Giggle* Yeah it did

Chase- Yeah, I guess we'd better go.


Smartpup Chase76

Rocky- Yeah, and I could use a nap too

Ryder- Yeah, my ATV needs some work to.

Sora-You coming with us Everest?

Everest-  Yeah, I don't think Jake needs me right now

Sora-Yay! *blushes* I mean, that's great!

Everest-  *giggle*

This earned a sly look from Chase and Axel.

Axel-(I'm happy for you Sora)

Chase- (Hehe, poor Sora. I know that feeling.)

Sora-Um, *sigh* let's just go.

Axel- It's okay Sora

Everest moved a little closer to Sora

Marshall- Wow Sora, you sure like Everest.


Marshall- Oh sorry, I meant as a great friend.

Sora-Oh yeah, she's a real sweet pup and is a lot of fun.

Everest-  Aw, thank you Sora you’re a real sweet pup too and a lot of fun

Marshall- Sorry, if I made you uncomfortable.

Sora-It's okay Marshall, and thanks Everest.

Everest-  Your welcome Sora

Sora-No problem.

(*phew* dodged a bullet)

Axel- *Whispers to self* I'm so happy he found someone

Sora-Let's go.

Axel- Okay

Axel- (I'm happy for you Sora) *Smiles at him*

Sora-Man, this is turning into a great day.

Axel- It sure is!

Marshall- Yeah it is!

Rocky- I couldn't agree more!

Ryder- Yep, and it's just getting started.

Axel- It sure is

With that they headed back to the Lookout.

Axel- Man I'm so excited I for this surprise

Sora-Yeah I know!

Axel- I could just burst from all of it!

Sora-Same here!

Axel- They really deserve this little surprise

Sora-Yeah they do!

Axel- They have done so much for us already! I mean if it wasn't for them we might not be here…

Sora-Yeah...and I'd be wanting to die everyday!

Rocky- Sora...

Axel- Same here!

Chase- Axel...

Sora-But now we've got something to live for...

Axel- Yeah we do...

Rocky- Guys, that chapter of your lives is over

Sora-We know...and we're glad for that.

Axel- Yeah...And we do have you guys to thank for it.

Chase- It's the least could do.

Axel- Sigh...Chase do you miss her?

Chase- Who?

Axel- Come on Chase...Think

Chase- Mom, Angie?


Axel- That's why we are doing this for you guys...And mostly for us…To try to forget a little


Everest-  Yes Sora

Sora-I'm glad you didn't meet us when we joined...

Axel- Yeah...

Everest-  Why is that?

Sora-*looks at ground sadly* This week's just been disaster after disaster...

Axel-*looks at ground sadly* It sure has Sora...It sure has...

Everest-  Guys, what's wrong?

Sora-I mean, first it took a us a while to open up to the others...and then our families somehow came back to say goodbye and Axel's dad tried to kill him...and...It’s just been hell! *starts crying*

It's like someone enjoys seeing us suffer!

Rocky- Sora....

Axel- And we...we...we miss them all the time!!! And just can't stop thinking about them and how screwed up our lives have been!! It just like people want to see us suffer!!  *Starts to cry*

Chase- Axel...

Axel- It's not fair!!

Just then Ryder- knelled down.

Ryder-- I's been a very tough week for all of us...

Axel- We does fate hate us Ryder-!? Just Why!  *Cries harder*

Sora-Yeah...what did we do to deserve this!?

Ryder- No one were each put in a very bad situation...but some good did come out of it.

Axel- Yeah what!

Sora-....We met them….we got to become brothers.

Axel- *Takes a deep breath to calm down* ...You're right Sora...I...I just...

Sora-I might try to be strong...but it's just a big act...this is how I truly am...a scared little pup!

Axel- Same here...

Skye- Guys...don't be so hard on yourselves...

Axel- It's kind of hard not to be...

Rocky- Poor guys...

Sora-Yeah...our lives were tragic...but it's over...Axel?

Axel- Sigh...Yeah

Sora-We're not alone anymore...and we're going to have great lives.

Axel-Sigh...I know...I know...

Chase- Yep, and it's going to be great!

Rocky- It sure is!

Skye- yip yip *backflip* Yep it's going to be flippingtastic!

Axel- *Chuckles*


Chase- Good one Skye!

Axel- You know all my life I thought I was alone, but now I have you guys...Hang on I need to check something Sora...I'll be right back!


Okay, I'll see you in a bit.

Axel runs to pup-house

Chase- What do you think he looking for Sora?

Sora-Knowing could be anything.

Axel- *Phew* Here it is!

Sora-What'cha got there?

Axel- Promise you guys won't laugh?

Chase- Come on bro you can trust us, right? 

Rocky- Of course!

Skye- Sure can!

Marshall- We've seen a lot, so how bad can it be?

Zuma- Come on dude, you can trust us

(Rubble) Yep.

Everest-  You sure can know me.

Axel- Ryder-, You promise?

Ryder- Just relax, you're one of my pups...I've seen about everything there's to see.

This caused some of the pups to blush.

Axel- Sigh...Here goes nothing…

Sora-*looks at Axel* (Come on Axel, how bad can it be? Wait...oh boy, don't tell me it's!)

*Shows a large pink blanket with purple hearts

Sora-Awww, that's SO cute!

Axel- *Blushes* S-Stop

Skye- Aww, is that what you were so scared of?

Axel- N...No.

Skye- Axel, I think you look adorable in it.

Axel- *Blushes*

Chase- Axel, I still have mine. *blushes*

Axel- Yeah, but yours isn't pink

Ryder- Is that your pup blanket?

Axel- Y-Yes

Sora-Axel...I'd never laugh at, Marshall and Rocky each have our teddies.

Axel- Yes you would...It's pink...

Skye- So what, my stuff is pink...and don't say it's because I'm a girl. I honestly don't think it matters.

Axel- *Blushes deeply*

Sora-So what, my mom thought I was a girl, and named me...Samantha!

Axel- *Wraps self in blanket*

Sora-Yeah, I said real name's Samantha...

Chase- Aw, how cute

Sora-Y-yeah...but I much prefer Sora.

Everest-  I like Sora better.

Zuma- Is that true dude? mom thought I was a girl when I was born...I had a bit of hair fluff like Skye' I actually looked more like a girl fox.

Each of the pups tried to think of Sora with that cute hair fluff.

Axel- Hmm I think you look cuter then me in the pink blanket...

Sora-*looks at him* Nope, you've got me beat!

Chase- Yeah Axel, you look drop dead adorable in the blanket

Zuma- Yeah dude, you've got enough cuteness to when a pup show!

Rocky- Yeah I don't think any pup could beat your cuteness right now.

Skye- Yep, and those pup prints on that just completes it.

Marshall- Yeah it does!

Sora-See, Axel...we don't think any less of you.

(Rubble) Yeah

Chase- Yeah, you're still my big bro!

Axel- Yeah

Skye- So that's what Sammy's short for?

Sora-Y-yeah...I was scared of being made fun of…

Rocky- It's a nice name.

Zuma- Yeah dude. should have seen my face when I found out they first named me that.

Axel- Hmm.

Sora-Hahaha, my fur turned pink, because my skin went white as a ghost!

Axel- Hahaha


Shining Fox 1

Skye- Hehehe, that I've gotta see!

Chase- Axel?

Axel- Yeah Chase?

*walks up to him and whispers to put the blanket on Sora*

Sora-Um, guys...why you looking at me like that?

Axel- *Whispers* Okay

Chase- Hey Sora.


Chase- Can you come here for a minute?

Sora-(why do I get the feeling of appending doom?) *walks up to him*

Chase- What's wrong you look nervous?

Axel then sneaked behind Sora

Sora-J-just a feeling.

Axel then covered Sora in the blanket


Axel- Awww!


Axel- What?

Sora-W-why'd you do that?

Axel- I thought it might be cute

Sora-*pouts with the blanket over him*

Axel- Aww, look at you pout with the blanket on you

Chase- Yeah, he looks like a little puppy!

Axel- He sure does

Sora-*looks over and sees Everest looking at him, causing him to blush deeply.

Everest-  Aw, look at you

Axel- You look really cute Sora

Sora-*sigh* Just go with it Sora... (Hmm, maybe I can have a little fun....I'm going to kill myself for this later with Everest watching though.)

*looks up with baby fox eyes* D-do I really look cute?

Axel- Aww, you look even cuter now!

Everest-  Yeah you sure do! I couldn't image you looking any cuter then you are now!

Sora-*blushes as red as a tomato*

Axel- Nope, NOW he's even cuter


Sora-Okay, I can't take it anymore...*takes the blanket off and puts it on Axel* There you go!

Axel- Hehe, look at me now

Sora-I must admit, it is soft.

Axel- Yeah it is

Axel- (Ugh...I'm so not going to like this, but I think I need to do this)

*Shows puppy dog eyes*

Sora-Oh Axel, You look as cute as can be!

Axel- W…Who cuter me or Sora?


Chase- Axel

Sora-My big tough Axel is as cute as a little baby bunny!

Axel- *Blushes*


Pups- Awww

Sora-Best day Ever!

Axel- It sure is!

Axel- *Gasp* Sora! I think it's surprise time!

Sora-*looks at the sky* *gasp* Oh shoot your right!

Axel- Come on pups! Before it's too late!

Ryder- Don't worry, it looks like it's not going to be sunset for about 15 min.

Sora-Then let's go!

Axel- I got to run to my Pup-house really quick to drop this off, just be ready

Sora-Okay, let's use our vehicles.

Axel- Okay

With that they got in their vehicles and drove off to the spot.

Sora-Okay pups, keep your eyes closed.

Axel- No peeking!


With that they walked along the cliff and guided the pups to the end of it.

Axel- Okay pups on three




Chase- Whoa...

Sora-Guys, welcome to our favorite spot.

Axel- Yep, we came here every morning to watch the sunrise

With that the pups just stared at an ineradicable sight. It was on a large cliff and it looked over a huge lake surrounded by forest, and the sunset shined on the lake causing it to glow red and orange.

Rocky- It's so beautiful!

Ryder- Wow, this

Skye- This is so romantic!

Axel- Sigh...Me and Sora always watch the sunrise from here, and it helps us forget our past a little…

Sora-Yep, but it's got one last trick up its sleeve.

Axel- It sure does

Everest-  You've gotta be kidding!

Axel- Nope

Sora-Nope, this lake is known as "The Mirror Of The Sky."

Axel- Yeah

Ryder- The mirror of the sky?

Sora-Yep, it's clear as a mirror and it's almost time to see why.

Axel- Yep!

Just then the stars came out and reflected off the lake like a mirror.

Everest-  It's so pretty!

Marshall- Yeah, this...I'm speechless.

Ryder- Ah, that's why. The water's so pure that it acts like a mirror.

Axel- Yeah

Sora-Yep, this is our sacred's like out of a dream.

Axel- It sure is!

Skye- Man, this place is the kind of place that'd make a perfect date!

Just then Sora and Chase blushed deeply*

Sora-Y-yeah...I-I guess it would.

Axel- (I'm happy for them, even though I don't have anyone yet)

Axel- Huh?


Axel- Eh, Dont worry

Just then Everest sat next to Sora and Skye sat next to Chase.

Everest-  This is really pretty Sora


Skye- Having fun Chase?

Chase- Yeah, I still can't believe this.

Axel looked at the four pups and smiled

Rocky- This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Axel- It sure is...

Sora-*looks at Everest* *under breath* You're so beautiahhh! *looks back*

Axel- *winks at him*

Everest-  It sure is, this is an amazing site!

Sora-So, what do you pups think?

Chase- I love this

Rocky- You guys out did yourselves!

Axel- Glad you like it...

Sora-Well, you've done so much for us...that we wanted to give something to from us to you...Thank you!

Axel- Yeah thanks!

Ryder- didn't have to do this for us!

Sora-Yes, we did!

Axel- We really did!

Sora-You may think you just gave us a place to live and food....but you did so much more, you saved our lives!

Axel- Yeah you did...

Ryder- Well, we deeply appreciate it.

Axel- I know we do...


With that the pups just sat there and star gazed...

Axel- What a day...

Sora-Yeah...between the breakfast, and everything else...

Axel- It really gets a pup thinking about things


Axel- How really screwed up our lives were...'s a night and day difference.


Axel- Yeah...But look at you, I mean you found love

Sora-Yep, and I have you to thank for giving me the guts to meet them.

Axel- That's what older brothers are for Sora

With that they cuddled together with their new family...

Axel- Good night...Family

With that they went into their pup houses and went to sleep.

The End.

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