It was just a little bit before dawn and the last few stars were giving their all to stay lit, but was only a matter of time until they went out like all the others.

Just then a small pup named Axel walked out of the Lookout looking for his friend.

Axel- Sora? Where are you?

Just then he spotted him sitting in the middle of the yard watching the sun getting ready to wake up.

Sora-Come on sun, it's time to get up...we need to do our jobs and I want to save people!

Axel- Yeah sun what's taking you so long...It's time to start the day

Just then Sora jumped in the air out of surprise.


Axel- Oops! Sorry buddy

Sora-Oh Axel, sorry you startled me.

Axel- What are you up to?

Sora-Trying to wake the sun up, but no matter how much I try, it won’t wake up!

Axel- Ugh…Why does it take so long!

Sora-Hehehe, he's lazy.

Axel- Hehehe, yeah he is!

Just then it started to peak over the horizon.

Sora-Look he's getting up!

Axel- Yay!

Sora-Pretty pretty!

Axel- It sure is!

Sora-*blushes* S-sorry...that slipped out.

Axel- Its okay buddy

Sora-I guess...I'm getting so relaxed that I'm acting my age. *laughs nervously*

Axel- Aww don't worry Sora

Sora-So, what're you doing up so early?

Axel- I thought I'd get up and see the sunrise

Sora-Yep, I knew it...hey, are the other pups up?

Axel- Nope not yet, they’re sound asleep…In a pile

Sora-*giggle* Oh yeah, we were in that pile!

Axel-*giggle* Yep, we sure were

Sora-Hehehe let's go see them, but let's try not to wake them.

Axel- Okay

WIth that they went back up to the top floor of the Lookout and saw the pups all in a big pile of fur.

Axel- Awwww

Sora-*whispers* They’re really cute when they sleep.

Axel- *whispers* Yeah, they sure are.

Sora-*yawns deeply*

Axel- Getting sleepy?

Sora-A little, I woke up at 4:30...I think that's what it's called anyway.

Axel- Yeah that sounds about right.

Sora-Let's get some sleep.

Axel- Okay.

With that they cuddled up to eachother and fell asleep.

2 hours later.

Chase- *yawn* Morning pups!

Axel- *Yawn* Morning little bro!

Chase- *sees him and Sora nearby* Oh good morning you to Bro, what are you doing over there?

Axel- We were watching the sunrise

Zuma- *yawn* You dudes sure like watching that, don't you?

Axel- It's our favorite thing

Sora-*talks in sleep* Mmm, I'll have some more raspberries daddy...

Axel- *giggles* That silly fox…Always talking in his sleep.

Skye- *giggle* Awww, he's so cute when he does that.

Marshall- *giggle* He's such a little pup.

Chase- Hehehe, know he's been acting a lot like that lately.

Axel- Yeah I think he's finally getting used to being here.

Chase- I think that's not too far this how he was before his dad died?

Axel-Yeah, he was always very playful and happy…but when he died…it’s like he completely changed…he turned very serious and seemed like a completely different pup…

Chase-I think he did that to push away his emotions…he must have hurt so much and turned that into a way to cope…

Rocky- Sounds like he's coming out of his shell. I mean, since things have gotten so much better for you guys that must have filled him with so much happiness that his old self is coming back to him.

Axel- Yeah, I think you’re right…I hope he stays that way.

Just then Sora started to stir.

Axel- Shh, he's waking up

Sora-*wakes up and groggily looks around*

Axel- Good morning again buddy.

Sora-*yawn* Morning,  again!

Axel- Slept well?


Axel- That's good!

Sora-*looks over and sees each of the pups nearby* Morning guys, you sleep well?

Chase- Yeah we did

Rocky- Yep, felt really good.

Zuma- It sure did dudes

Sora-Yeah, I'm glad. You each did look really cute in a pile.

Axel- Yep you sure did!

Chase- *blushes* O-oh, you saw that?

Rocky- *blushes* T-That's embarrassing

Zuma- *blushes* Y-yeah dudes.

Marshall- S-Sorry you guys had to see that.

(Rubble) Yeah, I guess we were pretty cute...but not as cute as you talking in your sleep like a little puppy.

Skye- Yeah Sora, you were so cute!

Sora-*blushes so deep you can see it through his red fur* I-I did?

Axel- Yeah, you sure did buddy!

Sora-*looks away* I-I didn't say anything embarrassing did I?

Axel- No no, just something about asking daddy for another raspberry.

Sora-*blushes even deeper* Oh my god...I can't believe I said that...

Axel- It's nothing to be ashamed of Sora.

Rocky- Yeah, what were you dreaming about?

Axel- Were you dreaming about daddy Sora?

Sora-Yeah, we were looking for food and found a berry bush...and he gave me a couple raspberry's...I loved them so much I asked for more.

Axel- Ah, I see

Skye- Awww, that's a sweet dream

Axel- Yeah, it sure is.

Rocky- You like Raspberry's?

Sora-A little...Okay, a lot.

Chase- That's nothing to be ashamed of Sora.

Sora-Thanks, I love sweet things and it's a big weakness of mine...*giggle*now I'm the one embarrassed!

Axel- I'm not the biggest fan of them...but I do like them every once and a while.


Axel- I'm more of a sweeter fruit kind of pup.

Sora-Anyway, back to you be honest, I thought you each were very cute in that pile, and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Axel- I did too guys! You all looked very cute!

Chase- Oh yeah...

Sora-Hey, we were in that pile!

Axel- Yep we sure were!

Zuma- Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

Axel- *giggle* We all looked really cute!

Sora-Hehehe, I admit it is pretty embarrassing, but it is comfortable.

Axel- Yeah it is.

Skye- *giggle* Yep, it is nice and cozy!

Chase- It sure is.

Zuma- Yep, and it was pretty cold last night.

Rocky- Must be cold for you to say that, being you love cold water.

Axel- *shivers* Ugh...Cold water...

Rocky- Oops, sorry Axel.

Axel- It's okay Rocky.

Sora-Anyway, do you pups have any plans?

Chase- No I don't think so…

Sora-When does Ryder- wake up?

Chase- Soon I think.

Axel-*Smiling sly* Hehehe I got an idea of what we can do.

Sora-*sees this* Uh-oh I know that look, pups run!

Chase- *see this* Uh-oh!

Marshall- What's wrong?

Axel- I'm giving you all a chance to run!

Sora-Axel's in a tickling mood!

Zuma- Yipe!

Axel- That's right!

Skye- Run!

Chase- Yeah, run!

With that each of the pups scattered.

Just then he got Zuma.


Axel-You’re mine!


Axel started tickling the life out of poor Zuma.

Zuma-Hahahahahaha, n-no! No more!

Axel-Hehehe, how you feel?

Zuma-*pant* great, but I don’t think you’ll be able to get Sora and Chase.

Axel-Heh, I’ll find Sammy and Chase.

Sora-No you won’t!!! Sora then covered his mouth, but both he and Chase were spotted by Axel.

Chase-Nice one Sora…

Sora-I-I know…

With that they dove into the elevator.

Axel-Blast, oh well…I’ll get them later…but first…

Chase-I-I think we lost him.

Sora-B-but the other pups…*tears up*

Chase-They’ll be avenged! Hahahaha, man we’re really getting into this!

Sora-Yeah...*giggle* I can't get over how worked up we're getting over being tickled!

Chase- *giggle* I know we are such scaredy pups!

Sora-*giggle* It is fun though!

Chase-Yeah it is

Sora-I love you guys!

Chase-And we all love you and Axel too!

Sora-So, who was the newest one besides us?


Sora-Who's she?

Chase- She's a husky that we found in trying to save Jake

Sora-Why haven't we met her?

Chase- Because she lives with Jake at Jake's mountain would you like to meet her?

Sora-Well, she is part of our crazy family right?

Chase-Hehe yep she sure is

Just then the two spotted Axel on the main floor.


Chase- A-axel!

Sora then saw everyone else behind him.

Sora-G-guys, did he get you!?

Marshall- Yeah, he got us all.

Rocky- Run guys!

Sora-Eep! *pushes the elevator button* But Axel jumps in just as it closes.

Axel pounces on both them and starts tickling them

The door closes trapping them inside with him


Axel- I gave you a chance

Chase- Hehehhe Axel Please heheheheheh Stop!

Sora-Y-yeah hahahahaha, you got us!

Axel- Okay, I think you two had enough.

Sora-You know why I didn't run?

Axel- Why?

Sora-*giggle* I wanted to be tickled!

Chase- *giggle* Yeah, just to get it over with.

Axel- *Giggle* Aww you two are the best

Sora-But, you know what that means right?

Axel- Yes, and I'm looking forward to it

Sora-You are the last one here who hasn't been tickled.

Axel- I know

Chase- You ready?

Sora-Let's get him!

Axel- Yeah, give me all you got!

Sora-*giggle* You shouldn't have said that!

Axel: Oh really?

With that Sora and Chase pounced on him.

Axel: I'm waiting!

Sora-You've asked for it!

*tickles him the best he can with his tail and paws.

Chase- Yes you did!  *Tickles him the best he can with his paws*

Axel- Heheheheheheh

Sora-Ha, take that!

Axel- Hehe okay okay you guys me! heheehehe


Chase- Told you

Sora-We're just as much monters!

Axel- I guess in runs the family

Sora-Dang right!

Chase- You got that right

With that the elevator reached its destination

Axel- Well we here

Marshall- D-did he get you guys?

Chase- Yeah, but we got him too

Sora-We gave him double trouble!

Axel- I'll remember that


Chase- You should!

Sora-And we'll be ready!

Axel- Good!

Sora-Oh, yeah before you got us...I found out something!

Axel- What did you find out Sora?

Sora-We've got one more member of the family!

Axel- Really who is it?

Chase- Oh yeah, you haven't met her either. She's our Snow rescue pup Everest.

Axel- Oh I can't wait to meet her

Skye- She's really nice!

Zuma- Yeah dudes you two would love her

Sora-Sounds interesting, another member of the family!

Axel- Yeah she really does

Just then Ryder- walked in.

Ryder- Hey pups!

Axel- Hi Ryder-!

Chase- Hello Ryder-, sir!

Zuma- Hey Rwder dude

Sora-Hey Ryder-.

Ryder- Happy one week Anniversary you two!

Chase- Oh yeah, I forgot about that!

Zuma- I did too dude

Sora-That's okay, so did I!

Axel- *Starts tearing up*

Skye- Happy Anniversary!

Rocky- Yeah!

Sora-*starts tearing up*

(Rubble) Happy Anniversary guys!

Marshall- Yeah!

Axel- *Starts to cry*

Sora-*starts crying*

Chase- What's wrong guys?

Sora-F-for so long, we've only known pain...and to be loved like means more to us than you can imagine.

Axel- And to think if it wasn't for Sora...I wouldn’t be here with all of you guys today...

Sora-And if Axel hadn't saved me...I'd be in that tar pit right now...

Axel- And if wasn't for you guys we would still be living on our own.

Sora-So thank you...thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Axel- Yeah...Thank you guys!

Ryder- Your welcome, you each are great pups and have helped us out a lot.

Chase- Yeah guys in the one short week you two have been here you done so much.

Sora-We only do our best.

Axel- No matter the challenge maybe

Sora-We'll always make it in time!

Axel- That's true

Sora-And we swear to make it up to you one day!

Axel- We both will!

Ryder- You already have.

Zuma- Yeah dudes

Sora-Not enough...all we did was help out.

Axel- We still have much more to do for you…

Chase- Guys, you don't have to push yourselves that hard.

Axel- Sigh...Chase before we joined we saved over two hundred animals lives in the forest.

Sora-And 75 times we nearly lost our lives.

Axel- Yeah

Sora-Falling in tar pits, nearly falling off cliffs, and even risking getting shot.

Axel- And we have the scars to prove it.

Sora-We couldn't save the ones we we try to save as many as we can to at least pay off a small portion of our debt

Chase- Wow, you keep count of that?

Sora-It's hard to forget.

Axel- We think of it all the time…

Ryder- Guys, their deaths weren't your fault...some things just happen.

Axel- *Sigh* We know that, but we just want things to be right for everyone

Sora-It's true we didn't kill them directly, but they died saving us, and that's enough.

Axel- No more about this.

Sora-*sigh* You're right...even if we save a thousand lives, it won't be enough... but we'll do as many as we can!

Axel- We promise!

Ryder- Guys, don't be so hard on yourselves.

Axel- *Takes a deep breath* Your right Ryder-, sir. Today is not the day to be upset about it...Now is the time to be happy!

Sora- You're right, like my dad once said "It's not what you did in the past that matters, but what you're doing at this moment."

Axel- Yeah we may have been though a lot, but thanks to you guys we really been doing well getting over it.

Chase- You're family, and that's what families do.

Rocky- Yeah and besides Me, You, Sora, and Chase are basically the same

Sora-Yeah, you've lost yours too...

Rocky- Yeah

Sora-And we'll help you through it!

Axel- Yes we will!

Ryder- Anyway...I've got a surprise for you pups

Axel- What!?

Ryder- Well, I was thinking about taking us out to that pup restaurant down the street for breakfast in honor of Axel and Sora's first whole week here.

Sora-What's a "restaurant?"

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