Annie is a Civilian pup.

Annie belongs to Chase the police pup555, If you want to use her ask Chase the police pup555 FIRST


She was born in SnowPort to two loving parents, she had a lot of friends and family there. One day she met Libby and the became instant friends! She went to Adventure Bay when she was older to meet her aunt but sadly she was involved in a terrorist attack on the airport where she landed. Luckily she escaped with minor injuries. One of her rescuers were Scramble she almost immediately fell for him! They admitted feelings for each other and dating began. After a while they settled down at his owners house. She gave birth to Jet and Arial. She adopts Sandal and Honey a little while later. She goes back to Snowport every holiday and occasionally to visit her bestie stand family there.


Annie is a bit of a tomboy but she is okay with getting dressed up or even groomed, especially if it's for occasions.Really quiet and secluded and doesn't push her nose in trouble. Annie loves to play with her pals Skye, Tundra, Princess and Rosie. She is ok with babysitting for Her pals, but she really wants to be a calm housedog and live a life with Scramble and their pups.


Anny is a German Shepard, Husky ,with a hint of rotttie mix with a dark brown back and beige legs with white socks on her paws with Dark brown eyes a white tip on her fluffy,curled tail. Her face is white and her ears are perked and also white.


Mom & Dad:


Daughters: Arial & Honey

Sons: Jet & Sandal


Anny wears a golden pin of Scramble's Badge, Tundra's idea.

Stories she has appeared in:

Pups save Jessie


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