This pup belongs to Sarah the FBI pup. She is a first gen pup and is the police pup trainee under Chase

info Edit

Annabell is a big tomboy. She loves to hang out with boys and doesn't really care for the girly things in life. She is very serious and doesn't like to mess around. She prefers to sit by herself than be in a big crowd, and hates being the center of attention. She loves to read more than anything.

appearance Edit

She is a black and ginger Doberman. Her eyes are chocolate brown and her collar is black. Her tag is neon cyan and her crest is a black and white police car.

uniform Edit

she has a neon cyan version of Chase's uniform.

vehicle Edit

a neon cyan Police car.

family Edit

Sala: mother

Kota: father

friends Edit

Chase: mentor and best friend

Zuma: best friend

trivia Edit

  • she can get snappish when she's annoyed
  • she doesn't know how to dance.
  • she has no crush yet.
  • She dislikes Skye.

fears Edit

she has stage fright.

stories she appears in Edit

gallery Edit

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