Angie is a a first generation pup created by Mystic Eevee. And is lost up until late second gen


Angie was the protective sister of Axel, and Chase up until the day that Axel decided to move away to get away from his troublesome Puppy-hood, and turned to head back home one day the dog catcher caught Angie and took her to the pound where she had her pups and then escaped and was found about three months after her kids were born


She is a brown and Tan German Shepherd like her brothers, but her fur is opposite of Chase’s, where he has Brown fur Angie has Tan in place of that, and the Tan fur that Chase has her fur is Brown. Her eyes are a Light Green color and her ears are perked. Her tail is mixed of Brown, Tan, and Black colors


Has a crush on Guesh and had her and his pups in the pound

Was placed in the pound wounded


Coming Soon

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