Angel is Skye's new trainee and belongs to Puppylove5. She had a short period she was dating Bandit but after they break up she falls for Med and together they live hapilly ever after and have four puppies.


She's a Collie with light brown fur with some normal brown spots around her eyes and a ring around her tail. She also has a white belly and tail tip. She has yellow eyes and wears a lime-green collar.


She looks inoccent and sweet but she's a total tomboy. She loves to go on adventures and will never give up till she gets what she wants. She will always defend her friends no matter what. She's energetic and loves to play in the water but she especially loves soccer cause she's very good at it. She also very funny and loves to make jokes being a little bit silly. In the future she becomes a really bubbly mom and barely gets mad she don't wanna hurt her little babies feelings, she not strict but know's how to take care for her pups.


  • Her best friend is Kailey but she's also very good friends with Smoky
  • Icee is also her best friend and she loves to play with her
  • She has a crush on Med, she loves him to bits and she adores his craziness.
  • In the future she loves to play with Lani and loves to teach her things (she becomes a little bit like a mentor) she also loves to play with Kailey and Smoky's daughter Faith.
  • I'n the future she becomes a really bubbly mom and barely gets mad she don't wanna hurt her little babies feelings, she not strict but know's how to take care of her puppies.
  • In the future she becomes less tomboy and more a girl but she still loves to run around and wrestle and stuff.
  • She doesn't believe in mer-pups and even when she was turned in one she tought she was dreaming. Probaly nothing will make her believe xD
  • She used to be very close to her little sister Halo till Bandit broke up with herbecause he liked Halo, After a while they became closer again and Angel forgave her.
  • She looks up to Sport as an older brother, she loves to talk and play with him<3
  • She can perk her ears, and when she tries to hear something or someone scared her she will perk (on of)


No fear when Angel's near!

I gotta fly, let's soar high! (credits to Wittlefuzzypuppehs)

Blue or gray skies, this Angel will fly! (credits to ROCKYDOG13)

Let's fly high and take to the sky so there is no need to cry.

  • Fears

She's afraid of blood and the dentist (ironically she has no problem with the doctor), she is also very afraid of swans because she was attacked by swans






Skye and Zuma (and the rest of the paw patrol but these two the most^^)

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Request by Confetti~!^^ It's aweswome!


At with Fuzzy~ Angel playing with her pal Mindy^^ omg it's sooo cute^u^


request by pipthepuplover~!^^

Angel and Bandit

Bandit and Angel<3

IMG 20150226 062943-0

At with Zumarocks3390~^^ Bandit and Angel! It looks so cute <3

Adult Angel-0

Angel as adult^^ I might have screw her a bit up hehe^^

Foto (6)

Followed Sport, Fuzzy and Tundra, here's realistic Angel~!^^

Mindy en Angel~

Mindy and Angel~

Icee and Angel

Icee and Angel on mission~

Blind date

Angel and Bandit on their Blind date^^

Angel in uniform2

Angel in her uniform~ messed up her badge but it's supposed to be a little plane XD

Pup tag~ Angel

Awesome giftieeee from Wittlefuzzypuppehs of Angel's pup-tag~!!:3 It looks so cool!

Fishing me

"Are you fishing me?" quick thing I drew on pc (I know it's ugly xD look at the trivia for explanation


Angels vehicle drawn by Chase the police pup555~! It looks awesome~!

So tired out

Amazing giftie by tundrathesnowpup~!!<3 gosh I love it so much!QuQ Kailey and Angel all tired out after a day training with their mentors~!

PAW Patrol Angel

Amazinggggg giftehhh by the lovely Wittlefuzzypuppehs x33 aahhhhhh it's so amazing :3 thank chuuu big sissss<3

MedXAngel doodle

First MedXAngel doddle I did QuQ

MedXAngel pic^^

Giftieee draw by Chase the police pup555~!^^ It's cutee

Angel gift for Puppylove5 ^^

Amazingg gift from Kelly~!>w< Thank chuuu~!


Awesome pic by SunnyPuppy45 from her video~!QuQ

Angel cheeb

decided to draw something diffrent from my style and came up with this XDD nopeee

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