Amy Darling is the nickname of the Sylveon from Pups in the Magical World

Fanon AppearancesEdit


Amy Darling is one of the good magic guardians of the Magical World. She guards the magical Light Gem Wand (Winnie) until she'll give it to someone who's kind-hearted and never forgets her manners.

Amy Darling provides her home to the Pups whenever they stay in the Magical World. But the pups attempt to not eat breakfast with her since she tells long stories that are about her big family. Amy has a lot of aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings (including her evil big sister Esmerelda).


Amy Darling is really kind-hearted, but surprisingly eccentric and constantly speaks with a singsong voice.


Amy Darling has pink heart bows, which is unique for a Sylveon. She wears a gold fur-clip with a red heart on her right ear and a minty-pink bow on her tail. She has small hot pink satin slippers on her feet.


Out of all my other characters, Amy Darling had a biggest past. In a fanfict I made-up, she was Amy Rose (as in that pink hedgehog crushing on Sonic), but then something came up and the name Amy Darling came in mind, as in a deer. Then in Fall 2013, Amy Darling became a Sylveon.


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