Amaya is the Storm Chaser pup of Deatons Paw Patrol and is also a Cousin to Thunder

Apperance Edit

She is mostly white with dark grey on her back left paw and front right paw. The tip of her long fluffy tail is dark grey along with the tips of her ears.

She wears a Pink Uniform with Sky Blue accents. She also has a pair of Ski goggles that she wears to keep the wind and water out of her eyes.

Personality Edit

She is the Complete oposite of her Cousin, She is very sweet and kind. Shes the kind of pup whos alwasy there for you and will put her problems aside if you need help with something. Even with this though she loves to dive head first into storms so she can get readings and learn more.

Trivia Edit

Pup Pack Edit

  • Flashlight
  • Umbrella
  • She also has a Rope that she can hook onto her Vehicle incase she needs to get out to save a pup

Catchprases Edit


Vehicle Edit

She has a Storm Safe Vehicle Similar to Thunder and Twisters Vehicles.

Random Edit

  • I found her name Online while Searching for Weather Related names and really liked it
  • She Lives in Stormy Bay with Deatons Paw Patrol

Family Edit

Crush Edit

She was the pup who helped out others with finding love but never really wanted to find love herself. While she was trying to help Pilot out she noticed something different about him. After a while of trying to help him she relized that she migh have feelings for him. Finding out that he also had feelings for her he was surprised and incredibly nervous about it. Eventualy when he asked her out she said yes and the two started dating.

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