He belongs to a wealthy family in adventure bay, Occasionally visiting Foggy Bottom to meet May Bella.


I just cannot stop making OCs! Here is him!


He is a standard german shepard with some husky and akita features. He is very fuzzy with black ears. He has a light brown/ black hairs lightly covering it. The tip of his muzzle is white, leading down to his chest. he has white paw tips in front and black in the back. His tail is very,very fuzzy and big. It's curled over his back.

He wears a purple collar with a yellow charm attachment.


He is very sweet and gentle, he takes charge most of the time because of his muscular build and! He grows to be very mature and well-kept to himself. One day he hopes he'll find somepup to love, he finds the goldendoodle.


He has a crush on Deaton's grooming pup May Bella


  • He can't stop talking about Mlp, when he's asked. He loves to go to Bronycons with friends. XD. He will drag anyone to it.


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