Alma is a female Fox Terrier from Foggy Bottom who has a crush on Rubble. She belongs to Mirathenastything and you must ask her to use Alma in a story. 


Alma is generally shy and quiet, but behind this hides a strong and brave nature. Alma would never give up on her goals, no matter what obstacles(sometimes literally) she has to overcome. She's a big stay-at-home, however, and isn't really into adventures or extreme sports, unlike her crush.


Alma is of medium height(as most Fox Terriers are). She is mostly white, but she has a tan spot on her back and tan socks of different lengths on her hind paws(her left hind also having a white paw). Her head is tan in color too, but she has a white muzzle. She has a long fringe with white tips, floppy ears and light brown eyes.



Stories in which she appears in

Whatever comes upon Razzie(presumed)

The Song of Love



  • Alma's original name was Razor.
  • She studies Eastern culture secretly. Since her owner is a college student, he sometimes asks her to help him with his homework. Alma wouldn't like to let anyone except him know about her non-doggy hobby, though.
  • She is a really good singer and Rubble liked listening to her songs even when he was in love with Mira Stella .
  • Alma often treats Elke as a big sister and likes to talk to her. Elke and Rubble are probably the only ones Alma trusts.
  • She has a slight Italian accent.
  • She has a comradeship with Beta, the two knowing each other since world creation. She somehow wouldn't trust the mix any of her secrets, or spend the night at his.
  • She is really, really scared of Carlos's adopted sister Leia.