Alma is a first generation OC by StacyMystery aka Stacy-Mystery on deviantART. Ask permission before using her in a story or anything! 


Alma is most of the times a really shy bean that would prefer to stay at home and dig into books than meet new people. Literally, she isn't much into new friends, prefering to stick to her old buds or her owner. This character trait would sometimes lead her to panic when meeting someone too friendly. However, when one of her loved ones is hurt, she would do anything to revenge. She would put up all her knowledge for tranquility to be restored, and that sometimes gets a little too far.


Alma is of medium height(as most Fox Terriers are). She is mostly white, but she has a tan spot on her back and tan socks of different lengths on her hind paws(her left hind also having a white paw). Her head is tan in color too, but she has a white muzzle. She has a long fringe with white tips, floppy ears and light brown eyes.


Alma remembers all the details of her past as if it all happened just yesterday. Her childhood was happy, since she had everything any dog could wish for: food, shelter and loving family. However, something was wrong with the mental health of her little sister, so Alma could see her snapping at nothing sometimes, or talking with imaginary friends. No one paid attention to this except Alma herself, though. One day, Alma woke up from feeling a weird smell. It seemed like something was burning...and it was! Somebody started a fire in Alma's owners' kitchen, and it was quickly spreading. Alma and her brother, Francesco, managed to escape before anything serious happened, their sister jumped out of the window(good it was on the first floor) and ran away but her parents didn't manage to get out in time. Alma later got picked up by a Foggy Bottom student, Jonathan, who took her home with him. Alma was glad to find a new home at first, only to get into a quarrel with a certain female mutt living next street. Since then, Alma's peaceful life years begun, but she never saw her family again.

Stories in which she appears in

Whatever comes upon Razzie(presumed)

The Song of Love



  • Alma's original name was Razor.
  • She studies Eastern culture secretly. Since her owner is a college student, he sometimes asks her to help him with his homework. Alma wouldn't like to let anyone except him know about her non-doggy hobby, though.
  • She is a really good singer and Rubble liked listening to her songs even when he was in love with Mira Stella .
  • Alma often treats Elke as a big sister and likes to talk to her. Elke and Rubble are probably the only ones Alma trusts.
  • She has a strong Italian accent.
  • She has a comradeship with Beta, the two knowing each other since world creation. She somehow wouldn't trust the mix any of her secrets, or spend the night at his.
  • She is really, really scared of Carlos's adopted sister Leia.
  • She is quite good with technology and can sow a bit, though only with a machine.