Allsion is the DPP's medical pup.

Bio Edit

Coming soon

Appearance Edit

Allsion is a Belgian Sheepdog and is all black with white toes and her front paws. She also has a black fur tuft. Her under tail is also white with a gray stripe in the middle. She has gray blue eyes and wears a bright blue collar with neon blue stars that glow in the dark. Her left back leg needs a brace or wheel chair to get around in so she always wears her light blue leg brace.

Personality Edit

Allsion is sweet and caring and always act motherly. She loves helping pups and loves to work with little kids. She loves to work with younger pups and is always there to comfort them.

Job Edit

She worked at a nature center in the medical area in case any pup got hurt. Then one day she came in with a brace and they fired her thinking that she wouldn't be able to work. She wandered around then one day when Rufus was hit by a bicycle she helped him back to the lookout and fixed him up. Then she became the DPP's medical pup.

Crush Edit

She didn't think about a crush for a while but once she was fired she started thinking about one and soon gained one on Noah.

Trivia Edit

  • She dreams of having a pup that will go back and work at the nature center.
  • She has a brother and two sisters.

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