Maranda, Jaque, and Klarissa's parents. They belong to Sarah the FBI pup

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Allera: She is very sweet and loving. She is very happy-go-lucky and can get a bit hyper some times. She never takes offense to anything and is always happy. She loves to have fun with her pups and welcomes all. She hates seeing anyone sad and always tries to find ways to cheer someone up. She if often telling Timone to lighten up, but it doesn't usually work without a kiss.

Timone: He's a bit skittish, and can be very jumpy. He's always worrying about something, and always thinks there's something wrong in his mind. He is very proud of his family, and loves spending time with them when ever he can. He has a lot of trouble doing otherwise simple things, and is slow to process.

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Allera: She is a mostly white English Sheepdog. Her right ear is gray and so is her back. Her back legs are a darker grey than her back. Her eyes are a pretty blue. She has a sky blue collar with a silver tag. She has a tuft of fur half covering both her eyes.

Timone: He is a mostly white English Sheepdog. His back is a darker grey than his wife's, and looks kind of like a cape. His eyes are a vivid green color. He has two tufts of fur that make a V shape covering only a part of his eyes. He has a copper colored collar.

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