Alfalfa is a second generation pup created by Mystic Eevee


A Crescent Bay pup who lives with his owner on his cruise ship and actually is a member of his staff for it. He normally is tired out after his since he is running around with orders from the kitchen to the tables and back again.


A double-coated Fawn colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup with White inside of his ears, his muzzle, his underbelly, his front paws are all white, but his back two paws are White in the front, but have the Fawn coloring in the back.


A very happy, loving, and intelligent pup. But with all those traits he is also plagued with a stubborn or independent streak at times.


Cruise Ship Waiter


Devolves a crush on Lex and Lola's daughter Theia

Fun Facts

Named after Alfalfa from the movie Little Rascals

A vocal dog that have a tendency to bark at anything and everything.

His strong herding instinct may cause him to nip at the heels of children when they are playing.

He's prone to overeating. His food intake should be monitored closely.

Even though he's small he has a lot of energy and need a healthy amount of exercise each day, and gets it because of his job.

Even though he loves his owner to death he was adopted from an irresponsible breeder, and was over-fed and was very dirty, and his shots and check-ups weren't up to date, but now with his new owner he has lost weight and is well treated.


Rafaello- Older Brother

Kim- Older Sister

Barnette- Younger Sister

Stories By Me

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Stories By Others

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