Alder is part of Chesire and Walnut's stray pack. He was adopted from Confetti

Bio Edit

His parents abandoned him for an unknown reason and he started wandering. He wasn't able to find any food and soon passed out. Chesire found him and brought him back to their alley. He was healed up and joined the pack. One day a family who lived right next to the alley adopted him and he still works there and he has his family help to.

Appearance Edit

He has brown on his back had of his head and back of his back legs. He has black spots on his left side and they are on his let back led knee, one right behind that one, above that one and two near the front and one is bigger and half in the brown and the the is below it and is smaller. He has one under his eye and one a bit below that one. He has hollow spots on his ears. He wears a green collar and has green eyes.

Personality Edit

coming soon

Crush Edit

He has a crush on a pup at the sanctuary called Bambika

Trivia Edit

  • He was the third member of the pack
  • He so far is the only member that got adopted.

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