Alanna is the PAW Patrol’s weather pup trainee



Alanna is an outgoing, yet a bit timid, agile, active, fun-loving, and modest little pup who always wants to keep everyone happy. She has very strong ESP, almost to the point of which she can tell the future. In that case of which is why Tsunami made Alanna her trainee. Alanna can sometimes get over excited from petting, hopping about and yipping happily. She’s honest on almost everything due to her love of honesty. She hates lies and will easily get upset if someone told her a lie. Alanna’s a great herder, due to her breed, but she always told Chase that she doesn’t do it as well as he does. One day, she officially became Chase’s herding trainee. Alanna can be a bit clumsy at times, but she handles it pretty well. Due to her personality, she makes friends quite easily.

When older, she’s less timid, more outgoing, and acts motherly towards the pups and Ryder. She still gets over excited from petting, but she better controls it to this point. Alanna’s ESP gets a little stronger, in that case of knowing what people are going to say, who’s going to win Pup, Pup, Boogie, and how missions are going to turn out.

After she and Tyco have their puppies, she becomes a tad bit over protective about her pups’ safety. But, she is still pretty much the same when she was younger. She still likes to have fun. More like too much fun! She sometimes gets into trouble when trying to prove herself as a fun parent to her pups, like pulling pranks. But even Tyco has to tell her to calm down, and he usually can’t sit still! Sometimes Tyco, Typhoon, and Tsunami have to hide coffee and candy from her whenever this happens. If she has even one piece of candy, she becomes totally unleashed! The only way that can break her from this state is if she’s near water. Usually, she screams at the top of her lungs, runs off, and hides, leaving the pups confused.

Whenever Tsunami is depressed, angry, or lonely, she’s always there for her. Alanna told Tsunami that whenever she needs her, just give a yelp.


Alanna is a black Miniature Australian Shepherd with white fur markings almost going around her neck, on her muzzle, going between the eyes and stopping on her forehead, on her belly, and her legs and paws. She also has brown fur on the tips of her ears, with two little dots on each ear, brown on her muzzle going from the bridge of her nose, to the bottom of her cheek, and brown fur on her legs. She doesn’t quite necessarily have a tail, due to her breed, has semi-flopped ears, and almost a pointed muzzle. She also has one silver blue eye and one golden brown eye. Link to breed:[1]

When in uniform, she has a silver blue vest with silver white trimmings for all weather types. Her collar is lighter than her vest, with her pup tag having a silver white background with a silver raindrop on it.


Born with different parents, Alanna’s past wasn’t like Tsunami’s. Alanna had everything she could ever desire. She had plenty of food, chew toys, and a plushy doggy bed. The family she lived with wasn’t rich nor poor, but had just enough money to buy what she needed. She has a brother named Risk, who is as brave as there can be. Her mother, Silver, and her father, Switch Blade, were always there when Alanna or Risk needed them. But all that spiraled away quickly when their owners got their bill. It was high, so they sat in their living room and discussed things out. Switch Blade over heard them and told Silver the devastating news. While Alanna and Risk were playing Tug-O-War, Switch Blade told them the news: “Well, since this year’s bill is up, they can’t afford four dogs, so…They have to get rid of you.” Both the little pups were in horrified shock. Silver said that she begged them to rid herself and Switch Blade, but Risk understood.

The next day, they put the two in a box that said Puppies for Sale. Risk was immediately adopted by a little boy. Alanna sadly waved goodbye to Risk, as a tear rolled down her check. Two days passed and Alanna was still in the box. Switch Blade and Silver stood by the box. Their owners then came and told the two to come home and that she’d get adopted soon. Switch Blade was a little hesitant at first, but Silver reassured him. Silver then gave Alanna her most prized possession: A teddy bear that says “I love you,” when squeezed, given to her when she herself was just a puppy. Alanna squeezed it with pure joy, hearing the bear’s message, as Silver and Switch Blade licked her forehead goodbye and walked off.

After a couple of hours passed, a raging hurricane was headed for the city. Alanna was dozing off when her box started moving. She poked her head outside the box and the water was carrying the box to the edge of a cliff. She struggled to get out of the box, but it only made it move faster. She started yelping loudly as the box started to tear apart. She fell into the water and, not knowing how to swim yet, almost drowned. Until a black shadowy figure grabbed her out of the water before reaching the edge. As the figure gently laid Alanna next to a white puppy in an alley, Alanna threw her paws around the figure’s leg. The figure asked her was she okay with a girl voice. Then the white pup snuggled around Alanna, and the white pup was Tsunami, and the black figure was Tsunami’s mother, Sprinkles. Sprinkles told Tsunami that Alanna will be her new foster sister.

A couple of days after Tsunami became a part of the PAW Patrol, Alanna told her that tomorrow is going to be close to the 100s (about the heat). The next day, it was sizzling hot! Tsunami was impressed with Alanna’s ability, and proudly announced her as her trainee.


Alanna's vehicle is similar to Tsunami’s.

Alanna’s is a bit smaller in size. Her vehicle is a silver blue weather mobile with silver white details. When in pup house form, it looks like Tsunami’s mobile in pup form. When traveling, it looks like Tsunami's truck while traveling.

Alanna’s mobile can transform into a snowmobile, and tornado (or storm) chaser.

Due to her ESP, she really doesn’t need any fancy gadgets.

Pup Pack Tools:

Her pup pack is silver blue. It contains a snow shovel, rain gauge, thermometer, barometer, humidity measurer, anemometer, hygrometer, weather vane, soil thermometer, tornado wind speed recorder, seismograph, and snow measurer.

She also has a mini satellite that can be activated if she barks twice in a certain way, and a claw, like Tsunami’s, to use the weather instruments.

  • “Rain or snow, I’m ready to go!”
  • “I’m rollin' through stormy weather!”
  • ''“I’ll be there in the flash of lightening!”
  • "No storm is ruff for this pup!"
  • She treats the PAW Patrol in a motherly way. Always making sure they are healthy, well fed, and hydrated.
  • She wants to befriend Zippy, from The Skyler Team, but since Zippy’s antisocial, she either walks away, says “go away,” or just ignores her. She’s close to Miles, who is also on The Skyler Team, because he is always honest. And to the fact that she just simply adores his cherry-apple cider.
  • Risk was her true brother, and she misses him very much. But sometimes, she has that feeling, not from her ESP, that maybe, just maybe, she will see him again.
  • Her best gal-pal is Amy Fox. Her best friend is Marshall, but due to her fear of water, she usually says, “Marshall, your water cannon!” when he has it out, or, “Be careful where you spray that thing, please!” whenever he accidentally sprays her.
  • She is closer to her sister Tsunami, even though they can have their ups and downs at times.
  • She’s also closer to Chase, thinking that he’s a great mentor and that he taught her well.
  • Alanna is head over tails for Tyco, her crush. She usually acts shy around him.
  • Bunnies
  • Belly rubs
  • Being petted
  • Bacon
  • Honesty
  • Having fun
  • Freedom
  • Baths
  • Boredom
  • Liars
  • When she and Tsunami argue
  • Water (from the incident from when she was younger)
  • Spiders
  • Herding Marley
  • Playing fetch
  • Playing
  • Basketball
  • Sledding
  • Skating
  • Hide-and-seek
Voice actors:

Younger Talia: Voice of young Kiara (from The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride)

Older Talia: Voice of Claudette (from Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games)

  • ESP (Extrasensory Perception)
  • Agility
  • Alanna’s very sensitive when it comes down to lying.
  • Over time, Alanna kind of grew a small crush on Chase, but then realizes that he is crushing on Skye, so she just let it go.
  • Tsunami’s mother appeared in one of Alanna’s dreams, telling her to take good care of her.
  • When she first met Tyco, she couldn’t think about anything else but him. Then over time, she realizes that he was a liar, and wanted to help him.
  • She has been bullied all her life after she and Tsunami were on their own. Due to Tsunami’s promise to keep Alanna safe, she’s always there for her. (Seen in part of Alanna’s Guardian Angel-by Risk)
Stories she's in:

Coming soon...

Song Articles:
  • What Hurts the Most - By Alanna-coming soon
  • Life’s too Short (by Alanna and Tsunami)-coming soon
  • Always There (Family) - By Tsunami, Alanna, Sprinkles, and Silver-coming soon
  • Alanna’s Guardian Angel-by Risk-coming soon

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