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He is strong and handesome. He has a huge sense of humor and can make lots of fun jokes. He is a big athlete and loves to play. He is very sweet and caring to those close to him. He is very outgoing and knows how to make people/pups happy. He loves to make people/pups smile.

appearance Edit

he is a Purebred tawny redish-gold Basenji. his face, shoulders, neck, back, and tail are all that red-gold color while the rest of his body is white. His eyes are brown and his collar is black. His tag is blueberry blue with his crest being a aspen tree

Uniform/Job Edit

Alaister is a Park ranger pup. He wears a blueberry blue uniform with a light green hat similar to Rocky's.

Vehicle Edit

He has a blueberry blue jeep with three buttons.

Green button- Goes into rocky terrain mode

Blue button- Goes into prarie mode

Red button- goes back to normal

Family Edit

my fanon Edit

Harada: mother

Leon: father

Hazel: sister

Rocky: brother-in-law

Rockyroad: brother

Shiloh: mate

different fanon (not to be revealed yet) Edit

Harada: mother

Leon: father

Hazel: sister

Rocky: brother-in-law

Rockyroad: brother

Sarah: mate

Figaro: son

Luke: son

Jay: son

Silver: daughter

Amber: daughter

Emily: daughter

Star: daughter

Amy: daughter

Trivia Edit

  • He is the best at Basketball.
  • He has a crush on Sarah (in a different fanon)
  • (in my fanon) he has a crush on Shiloh that eventually grows into true love.
  • Together, he and Sarah end up having six pups; Figaro, Silver, Emily, Luke, Jay, and Amber. Then they adopt a pup, Star.
  • He is very close to his siblings.
  • His closest friends are Zuma, Rocky, and Chase.

Stories he appears in Edit

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