She belongs to Sarah the FBI pup. She is a famous singer

info Edit

Alainna is sweet but sassy at the same time. She has a bit of a 'player' attitude sometimes. She likes to know she's important and will disappear for a while. But underneath all this, she is just a pup that wants to be loved. She was always beaten when she was a pup, so she became scared of getting close to anyone. She thirsts for true love, and someone who will take care of her. She is very friendly and outgoing, but hurts on the inside. She cares very much so about what others think of her.

Appearance Edit

She is a pretty brown Long Coat Dackel. Her furn is a auburn chestnut brown color. Her ears are long and darker colored. He paws are a bright chestnut color. Her eyes are a shining sky blue. her collar is midnight black and studded with diamonds.

Bio Edit

Alainna was the youngest and the runt of her litter. Her mother died soon after, leaving her and her sister with her father. Alainna wasn't very strong and didn't seem to be of much use. Her father often beat her because he thought she was a dissapointment. Her sister tried to stand up for her, but she only made things worse. Finally, they decided to run away from their father and take a chance of striking out on their own. They struggled to survive, until they came across a old saluki couple named Meleah and Momo. They took care of Alainna and her sister Sonata. But one day they were attacked by a street gang of dogs. Alainna and Sonata barely escaped. It was only after they left that they realised Meleah and Momo weren't with them. They came back to find them dead. Alainna and Sonata were heartbroken. Alainna began to sing them a song. Her way of letting them know she was greatful for what they did for her and her sister. A couple of other dogs heard her singing and came to see what was happening. As they listened to her song, tears welled up in their eyes. Here was a pup with an amazing voice singing her praise to to old dogs who had done a good deed. When she was done she was applauded and told she was amazing. Alainna began to sing more and more, and her popularity grew. She had discovered her true talent. Alainna and her sister traveled alot, and one day they came upon adventure bay. Sonata heard a cry for help and rushed to the rescue. A pup had been washed into a stream. She dove in and with her powerful muscles, was able to rescue the pup. She was then asked to join the paw patrol. Sonata joined them and she and Alainna stayed at the lookout for a while. But Alainna wasn't happy with this. She didn't want to work, she wanted to sing. So she sang her songs for adventure bay. Finally, she met up with a man that was amazed at her voice. He took her in, and helped her with her career. His name was Docker. He asked Alainna if she would like to be a international singer. Seeing that her sister was safe, Alainna agreed. And she soon became a world-famous singer.

Family Edit

Nadea: mother

Jent: father

Sonata: sister

Hurley: brother-in-law

Leroy: mate

Sarah the FBI pup: sister-in-law

Zuma: brother-in-law

Simon: nephew

Cinnamon: niece

Star(Sarah): niece

Shiloh: sister in law

Alaister: sister-in-law

Crackship fanon Edit

Nadea: mother

Jent: father

Sonata: sister

Thorn: mate

Danelle: son

Alysha: daughter

Lannie: daughter

Coacomo: son

Mori: daughter

Lidia: daughter

Noell: daughter

Gingi: son

Gladyss: daughter

Trivia Edit

  • She has a crush on Leroy
  • In the crackship fanon, she has a crush on Thorn
  • She is afraid of abusive pups.
  • She can be a bit of a heart-breaker
  • She and Leroy later have four pups; Wyett, Kiki, Meleah jr., and Juliet.
  • She and Thorn later have six pups; Danelle, Alysha, Lannie, Coacomo, Mori, Lidia. But they later have another litter of three tiny pups; Noell, Gingi, and Gladyss.

Stories she appears in Edit

Meeting you

gallery Edit

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