Akila is a second generation pup created by Mystic Eevee. Akila is the adopted sister of Davon, and Mitchell. She normally helps Davon with his Mail Pup Job.


Akila was abandoned by her real parents and forced to live on her own until the family that took Davon, and Mitchell in found her wondering around Foggy Bottom looking weak and malnourished, and on the verge dying before being found by the family. Although she tries to hide it she is somewhat bisexual, and has been leaning towards dating girls, but if she meets the boy she always wanted to see she just might forgot her bisexuality.


Akila is a White and Black Border Collie with a grey spot around her left eye and scar on her back left leg from her time as a stray pup. She has light green eyes and a tan collar and two sliver socks on her front paws, and two brown socks on her back paws.




Remarkably smart



The first bisexual pup I have created as the thought has been on my mind for a while.

Helps Davon with his Mail Pup job by helping him load the mail on his cart

Stories by Me

The Workaholic Pup

Stories By Others

Coming soon


Coming soon


IMG 0190

Akila drawn by SunnyPuppy45~

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