Chapter 1 The orgin story

Narrator:One night in Adventrure Bay Chase asked Ryan his origin and how he made his team.

Ryan: Okay Chase I made E.R.A.T by (starts to talk about the story)

Narrator: 2 years ago. 

Younger Ryan:(Playing his xbox) This is a fun game.

Narrator: Ryan than noticed something behind a painting so Ryan took down the painting and behind the painting were steps.

Younger Ryan: When was this built here?

Narrator:Ryan went down the stairs to investigate.

                    Chapater 2 The Discovery

Narrator:As Ryan went down he brought a flashlight due to it being dark down there.

Young Ryan: Glad I brought my flashlight.

Narrator: Ryan then arrived in a room with suits in the room.

Young Ryan: Wow and cool secret base.

Narrator: The suits were Diversuit, special forces, spy suit and space suit. Ryan tryed it on it did not fi him.

Young Ryan: Oh well I will wait accouple years maybe than I will fit in it.

Narrator:Ryan then noticed several different copies of the same suits.Then Ryan had a idea.

                                     Chapter 3 Ryans idea

Narrator:Ryans idea was to show his other freinds the weapons and gear and create a tema that helps people.

Young Ryan: Hey Luke meet me after school at my house and bring Cade, Tyler and Daniel.

Young Luke:Okay Ryan what for?

Young Ryan: Can not tell you now just meet me at my house.

Narrator:After school Luke brought Cade, Daniel and Tyler.

Young Cade: Why are we here Ryan?

Young Tyler: Yeah why are we here?

Young Daniel: Yeah I agree.

Young Ryan: For this ( As he takes down the painting behind the wall.)

Young Cade: Wow!

Young Daniel: Wow secret room!

Young Tyler: I wonder how long thats been here for.

Young Luke: Cool!

Young Ryan: Now follow me.

Narrator: Ryan leads the others down stairs to the secret room.

Young Ryan: Welcome fellow agents to the armory.

All ( except Ryan): Cool we get to be agents.

Young Ryan: I know and since there are alot of uniforms and gear I am making a whole company.

All( excpet Ryan) : Good idea Ryan.

Narrator: A day later Ryan bought more of his friends to the secret base.

Young Ryan: Welcome fellow agents to the company.

All: Thanks Ryan , and what do we do now?

Young Ryan: We wait for a emergency.

Narrator: 20 mins later a alarm goes off.

Young Ryan: Sounds like a emergency.

Narrator: TV screen pops up and shows a news cast.

Voice: This just in there's a fire and people are trapped inside the building.

Young Ryan: Let's gear up boys.

Young Tyler: Wait weres the fire?

Young Andre: ( Pulls up the location on a computer) It's near by here just a few miles away.

Young Ryan: Good job Andre, and Luke, Patrick, Tyler and Cade your with me While the rest of you stay here and keep track of the fire.


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