Adelmo was adopted from Rockytheecopup. He is a second gen pup and is a trainee under Kyla


Adelmo is a doberman and has black fur with four brown tan paws and muzzle, chest and underbelly. His front paws are longer socks while his back paws are shorter socks. His tuff is tan as well on his head. He wears a dark grey collar with small spikes and his tag. He has lovely forest green eyes.


Adelmo is a very protective pup and wants to protect those around him. He gained this after being attacked in his hometown in Germany and a mysterious pup protected him from harm. He appears tough and bold, but he can have a very sweet heart to those who are close to him. He is very romantic and has a strong German accent making some female pups fall for him, but none really catch his attention and its his German accent and part of the language that get the female pups to fall for him.


Adelmo was born and raised in the country of Germany as a young newborn. He learned English from a fellow German dog that had learned the language from his owners. He was on his way home one night before he was ambushed by other dogs. All of them growling at him and about to attack him. Just then a dog had jumped in front of him to protect him and scaring off the dogs. Adelmo never learned his name, because he was gone too fast. He was inspired though and wanted to protect pups just as he was protected.

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  • Adelmo means Noble Protector in German
  • Adelmo has a German accent and is fluent in the language
  • His old name was Marcus, but had to be changed since there is already a Marcus
  • He is very protective of friends and family
  • Adelmo is very close to his mentor Kyla, and enjoys the training, even if they are hard. He likes a challenge and will continue to train until its done for the day and won't admit he's tired. He does however enjoy it when Kyla takes him out to get treats when she feels she's a little to hard for him.
  • He doesn't get along at all with Crash
  • Based him from on a character named Germany from a show called Hetalia


When visiting the lookout with his mentor he runs into Blitz. He soon fell for her and they grew closer to each other.