Ace is an evil cat with wicked powers. He appears in Marshall and the Cowardly Pup Princess.


Ace is the ruler of the magic cat kingdom  Felincia. He tried to make Caninia the new Felincia kingdom for unknown reasons. His minions, the Cat Witches and Cat Wizards, all have magic powers. They can turn others into plants and use a spell that can transport someone far from home, which is why Marshall was sent to the mountain since this attack missed its mark,  Princess Lulu. Lulu challenged him after she got the Magic Wand of Caninia. He lost and is now doomed to be a bunch of catnip forever. His minions fled to the old land of Felincia in fear of Lulu.


Not much is known about Ace, but he is called "just a bully" by Tiny.


Ace is an orange-brown cat with yellow eyes and green pupils. He wears a yellow cape with green underneath and a yellow and green wizard hat with a crown on it.


  • Ace is named after the leader of the Kennel Kittens of Happy Valley Shelter 71 from Pound Puppies.
  • His minions, the cat witches and cat wizards, are based off the ones from "Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon", as some of the enemies from Charmed Ridge world in Evening Lake.

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