Abbatha and is a first gen pup the is owner PrincessHyperSkippy Got permission  for her to live at the Stray Pup Sanctuary


Abbatha is Loyal. She try's to help anyone if she can. She is  kind to all pups. She doesn't have a mean streak in her body. She is super smart and can think on the spot. She loves getting love from pups and people..not so much cats cause of her past. She also...has a independent streak once in awhile.


Abbatha had a hard past. First she had a owner who used her for poaching. She didn't wanna do it anymore she ran away and boarded a boat to Adventure Bay. Then after that..she got adopted..tho..the owner turned..out to be abusive so again she escaped again. She's a stray now with no home no where to go. She lives on the street. While she was wandering the streets she saw two pups that got captured by the dog catcher and she helped them escaped the pound. Now the The herbal twins are friends with her After meeting Smoky he took her and her friends to the Stray Pup Sanctuary in Foggy Bottom.After they for a few months she went into the Adventure Bay Airport and knew something wasn't right and told them. So she became a Airport sniffer dog.


Abbatha is a American Foxhound. She is white everywhere and except for her hind paws and face with a white stripe down the middle of the face and white on your tip of her tail. She has brown on almost all the way down except the paws and a bit of the leg witch is white.  She has a black saddle patch on her back.

Stories she's inEdit

The Twin Pups and the Friends

Pups and the Reoccurring Nightmare (mentioned)






She loves to run

She has a crush on Baiden


Abbatha- I'll sniff out the bad guys!/ no bad guy can fool this nose! (thanks to Pitbullover)

She doesn't like people to see her crying she thinks its not tough.

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