Aaron is the older brother of Vance. He is an Norwegian ElkHound stray who lives in the wilds around Adventure Bay. He is owned by TheMountainBikePup123.

Bio: Edit

Aaron is the older brother of Vance, he was the first of two pups born into the family of ElkHounds. Aaron and Vance's mother died shortly after giving birth to him and his brother.

Depressed, Aaron and Vance's dad became very abusive, he slowly grew to hate both of the two brothers, He didn't like being around Aaron or Vance and blamed them for the death of their mother. This abuse was most frequently directed at Vance than it was to Aaron and Aaron was always there to comfort his younger sibling.

The abuse never stopped, until one day, Aaron and Vance escaped from the house. They both ran for days, paranoid that their dad might be chasing them. They eventually stopped in the thick of the Adventure Bay wilderness. Confident that there dad wasn't chasing them and with no clue as to were they where, they began making a shelter.

Aaron and his brother Hunted and gathered the land. Slowly Improving their shelter as the weeks went by. Until they had something that they had their new home. Weeks turn to months, Aaron while he was exploring the mountains, he sees a "Adventure Bay". Slowly Aaron grows lonely, every week he would walk up he mountain alone and daydream about living in Adventure Bay.

Months turn into the first year in the woods, in the dead of night without Vance knowing, Aaron leaves the Woodland Shelter, Only leaving a note saying that he's traveling to Adventure Bay.

(I'm going to update his Bio after I get a crush for him)

Personality: Edit

Aaron isn't as shy as Vance and is much more confident, He's also much more laid back than his brother. When he moves to Adventure Bay, he loves becomes a very social pup and loves surrounding himself around other pup, telling stories of his and his brothers never ending adventures in the wilderness.

Appearance: Edit

Vance is a normal sized ElkHound, His ears are gray with black tips, He's grey with fluffy hair and has Black markings on his, back and tail. his stomach is also black. He has Green eyes.

Stories: Edit

(none yet)

Trivia: Edit

Random Edit

  • He's the more mature of the two brothers.
  • Aaron tries to teach Vance how to read in their teen years.
  • He loves to go Hiking up in the Mountains (Hobby)
  • After leaving the woods, Aaron becomes extremely social and loves meeting and talking to new pups.

Family Edit

Vance - Brother

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