Aaralyn and Kenith are 1 gen pups and were the parents of Angelina and Pawmer.


Aaralyn:  She was a nice pup. Tho sometimes frame got in away of taking care of her pups. She tired to be helpful tho what every she did she made it wrose. She loved to singing.

Kenith: He was a cool pup. He was a awesoem Hip hop dancer pup.  He was kind to everyone he met. He loved dancing in frond of people. And he loved his pups.


They had an awsome life they were rich and famous. They lived in a Stuido where they alway's perfomerd for others. After Angelina and Pawner were born the were a happy famly for a few months tho...  A mean man who's name was Cecil...snuck in and Kidnapped Angelina's family.. inculding her.  He threw her whole family in a fast current river and Angelina saw this and ran away. They daughter Angelina then found Dina who adoopted her bf was cecil..tho Angelina told her what happned and now they life on they own with out cecil. Tho her parents from doggy heaven still watch over her to this day.


Aaralyn:  (comming soon)

Kenith: (comming soon)


Pawmer Son (dead)

Angelina Daughter  (Alive)

Stories there are inEdit

Pups Save Dina (metioned)


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