Previously on Snow and IceEdit

Collette had meat Pearl.Pearl had a message for Collette from Kilo.

Collette: Oh gosh I never thought that would happen

Pearl: It's okay

Collette look around if any other pups were listening to their conversation.

Piper glared at Pearl.

Piper: C'mon, let's go. After all they need their privacy.

Collette glared at her.

Collette: Whatever. I promise I'll save your promise

Pearl: I wish I could

Ryder: Hop into the Patroler! Run!!!

Ryder and the pups ran of to the patroler.

Collette: The heart, it's been disturbed!

The heart is disturbed!

Who will it be?

Find out next Episode!

Iceshard Arrives

Previous episodesEdit

The Beginning Part1

The Beginning Part 2

The Glacier Kingdom

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