Zuma: Go away Diamond

Candy: Leave her alone and why don't you go away

Zuma: Fine

When they left Diamond and Candy had a great time

Diamond: ... And then I got in trouble for dancing on the counter and for fake being sick

Candy: Wow that was pretty brave

Blaze: oh no I - I better go bye guys

Candy: No you can stay

Blaze: Okay but I'm a bit shy

Candy: Great! Diamond just told me a story of how she faked being sick

Diamond: It was a fail you want to hear the story

Blaze: Sure why not

After the story all three of them were laughing their heads off

Blaze: (laughing) Counter party

Candy: (laughing) no it's more like this Counter party!

Diamond: (laughing) No, no it's this COUNTER PARTY!!!!

All three: (laugh their heads off)

After the day all three went back into their pup houses (yes Ryder built Blaze a pup house)

All three: Goodnight

Diamond: Wow! I got two new friends I'm so happy

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