The next day.......

Diamond: Hey guys!

Chase: (mumbles to Skye) Let's try to leave.

They both leave.

Diamond was mad. She decided to go away for a little while.

Diamond: (singing, oh yeah. You know I add singing!) Is it because you know my name, or is it because you saw my face on the cover. Either way it's all the same, it's like talking to a friend who's trying to be your lover. Underneath it all, I know it's not your fault! That you don't understand, I blame myself! How could you know what it feels like, to find the hounds of hell! You think you know me so well! How could you know what it feels like, to be outside yourself! I just want you to realize I blame, I blame, I blame myself! Blame, I blame, I blame myself! For my reputation.

Diamond: Now what?

At the lookout.......

Grace: Hi guys!

Blaze: Hi!

Candy: Have you seen Diamond?

Grace: You shouldn't be hanging out with her.

Blaze: Why?

Grace: She's mean.

Candy: She's not that bad.


Blaze: Where is she???

Skye: You shouldn't hang out with her!

Candy: And why not.

Skye: You're gonna be mean like her!


Skye: Nuh uh!

Candy: She's nice!!!!

Blaze: Let's go! 

Candy: Why is everyone not giving her a chance???

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