One day........

Candy: H-Hi guys.

Sophie: SUP!!

Coujo: Hi!

Lace: Whats wrong?

Candy: N-Nothing.

Paige: Is it Blaze?

Blaze: Huh?

Grace: Shes just a little shy about meeting new people.

Blaze: Sorry, ill leave.

Coujo: No! You dont have to! *sigh*

Candy: Sorry. (runs off)


Ryder: Paw Patrol to the lookout!

All: Ryder needs us!

Up the elivator....

Chase: Ready for action Ryder sir!

Ryder: Pups. The roads are to slippery in town, Chase! We need you to direst traffic.

Chase: Chase is on the case!

Ryder: And Tracey, we need you to help with some towing if needed.

Tracey: Lets dragg this!

Ryder: Blizzard, we need you to free stuck veiechles.

Blizzard: Snow snow snow! Lets go!

Ryder: Paw patrol is on a roll!

Sence cut do to time......... :P


Candy: Why wasent I picked?

Grace: What will cooking help?

Candy: The salt! It can melt the ice! Im gonna go down and help!

In town.........

Blizzard; Free!

Tracey: Totaled! Getting out of the road!

Ryder: Great! *gasp* CANDY!

Candy: What?


Candy: AHHH!

Ryder: That was close!

Chase: You NEED to go.

Candy: But I....

Blizzard: CANDY! Its not safe!

Candy: S-Sorry. (walks away)


Ryder: What a good mission!

Chase: If only we could melt the ice.

Candy: (thinks) THATS WHAT I TRIED TO DO!

Candy: E-Exuse me.

In the park.......

Candy: *sigh* sigh*

Diamond: Whats with all the sighing?

Candy: Oh no!

Diamond: What?

Candy: Your gonna nag me!

Diamond: No. Im trying to be N-N-N-... NICE! Thtas it!

Candy: So, why are you changing.

Diamond: Case people are avoiding me! Its not fun to be alone.

Candy: I know what alone feels like.

Diamond: Wanna get a smoothie?

Candy: Sure.



Candy: Hanging out with Diamond.

Zuma: Ill get help!

Diamond: *sigh* Pups hate me. See?

Candy: There mean.

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