This story exists in the Crack Ship present gen fanon

Story Edit

Clay was laying down in a patch of grass looking at the sky. He couldn't help but wonder what to do. There were two pups after his heart... And he loved them both. Shasta was funny and cute, a great pup to be around. Sasha was sweet and beautiful, she had a heart big enough for the whole world. Both of them would make fine mates. The more he thought about them, the more he loved them and the harder his decision became. He had to choose just one... Didn't he? Then suddenly it all came into light. He got up and walked over to where the girls were sitting together talking. Shasta looked up as he approached.

"hi Clay! What's up? " Shasta asked happily.

"I have something I need to talk to you girls about." Clay told them.

"What is it?" Sasha asked curiously. Clay glanced around. No one else seemed to be around...

"I know you both love me... And you both want to win my heart. But finally... I've made my decision." Clay told them. Sasha and Shasta both looked at each other, then back at Clay.

"go on. " Sasha said a bit nervously.

"I can't choose. I can't choose between you. I love both of you with all my heart. There is not one better than another. I love you both the same... Equally. I want to date both of you. Some day... I want to marry both of you." Clay told them. Sasha and Shasta both looked stricken. They had a look of pure shock on their face. Clay sighed. He knew it was too much to ask for... They probably wanted him for theirselves. To share would surely be to much to ask of them-

"Alright then. I'm willing to share." Sasha said. A smile on her face.

"Me too. If you really love us that much... Why ask for a decision. We all have love to give. Love to share with one another.. So why not? " Shasta said. Clay grinned he had been so worried about what they would say.

"I Love you Sasha, Shasta. I truly do." he said. And then he gave them both their first true kiss. A kiss filled with so much meaning. It was a sign that their relationship had begun.

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