The day starts with everyone in the lookout. It's decorated for Valentine's day.

Zuma: Happy Valentine's day!

All: Happy Valentine's day!

Rubble: Wait! Were is Zuma?

On the deck of the lookout.......

Zuma is writing a letter, a love letter. Marshall is sitting by him.

Marshall: Who's the letter for?

Zuma: It's a prank! I know Sophie has a crush on Fire, so you give this to Sophie and say it's from Fire.

Marshall: What! Why me?

Zuma: (hands him the note and pushes him out the door) Go!

Down stairs.......

Marshall: Who was I giving this to? Oh yeah!

Marshall: Rocky!

Rocky: Yes!

Marshall: It's from Fire!


Sophie: I'll get it! Hi Fire!

Fire: Hi! (Hands flowers to Sophie) Just wanted to say hi! 

Sophie: Hi!

Fire: See ya!

Sophie: *sigh* Bye!

Sophie: (Puts the flowers on the table) Hes so cute!

Rocky: *thinks* Too bad he likes me.

Sophie leaves

Rocky: (looks at the note) (looks at the flowers) (drops the note) GROSS!!!! (Runs out)

Sparky: (picks up the note and gives it to Skye) I think you dropped this. (Leaves)

Skye: (reads the note) Sparky loves me? Chase will kill him! I could have my own TV show!

Chase: Hi!

Skye: *nervously and startled* Hi Chase!

Chase: What's that?

Skye: Oh, it, it's a due note! For, Grace! 2 weeks over due! That pups out of control! (Puts it in the book) (Puts the book down) Let's go shopping!

Chase: Okay?

Grace comes in.

Grace: Hey!

Chase: There's a little note in your book!

Skye: Chase!

Chase: Coming!

Grace: (reads the note) Chase loves me! I mean, why wouldn't he? I better go dress up! WAIT! (Stuffs the note in the laundry basket)

Sparky: (comes in with Candy) Sparky okay so thanks for doing the laundry!

Candy: Of course!

Sparky leaves.

Candy: (finds and reads the note) (faints) 

The rest coming soon. :)

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