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Chapter 1 Edit

One stormy day in Adventure Bay everyone was inside.

Ariel: It's like raining a big wave out there.

Alex: I know.

Ryder: How about we tell stories to past the time. Huh.

Ariel: Yeah. I'll start with my long long story about my family and about how I got here. For those who want to hear it rise your paw or hand up.

( Ever paw and hand was up.)

Ariel: Okay then here it goes.

( Flash back )

Ariel: One day me and my family used to live in a box before my family life me.

Past Ariel: This could be our new home mommy.

Blue: Yeah . Mommy please mommy.

Gab: Kids . I don't think a box can be our new home.

Steve: Sweetie . What else can we do. I mean we can't keep going on like this.

Puma: Please mommy.

Gab: Okay then this is our new home.

Kids: Hooray.

Ariel: So that's how we got start into our new home. Puma don't like being the only boy in the family.

Past Ariel: So Puma what do you think of our new home. I found us .

Puma: What you found this place for us .

Past Ariel: Yeah.

Puma: Why you little CAT.

Past Ariel: Did you just call me a cat.

Puma: Yeah I did.

Ariel: I don't know what to do so I called for my mom.

Past Ariel: MOMMY.

Gab: What is Sweetie.

Past Ariel: Puma called me a cat.

Puma: Because that what she is a good for nothing cat.

Gab: Now that is it. Two mix up now.

Past Ariel: I'm sorry Puma.

Puma: Well I'm not.

Steve: PUMA. Say your sorry to Ariel or no food for you.

Puma: I'm sorry sis. HUG?

Ariel: So that was before I came here.

Ryder: Hold on. Your brother name is Puma and that closed to Zuma.

Ariel: Can I get back to the story.

Ryder: Sorry Ariel. Go on.

Chapter 2 Edit

Ariel: As I was saying two years later and we'll still living that box. Me,Blue,and Puma now play togher sometime.

Past Ariel: Hey Give me back my toy Puma.

Blue: Yeah it's Ariel's toy. Not your.

Ariel: But he never give it back to me. A few more years later. I don't play with Puma or Blue in years I didn't fell like playing with them.

Blue and Puma: Hey sis do you want to play with us.

Ariel: I don't talk to them.

( Then there was a knot knot)

Ryder: Who at the door at this time.

Chapter 3 Edit

Gab: Hi. Can we come in.

Ryder: Of coures.

( When Ariel saw the dogs with Ryder)

Ariel: No Way. Mom. Dad.Sis.Bro.

( She run to her family who was happy to see her.)

Puma: Ariel.

Blue: Ariel.

Ariel: Blue,Puma. What are you guys doing here.

Puma: Why we're here to see you sis.

Ryder and the pups: Awww.

Blue: Uh. Who are they.

Ariel: This are my friends. Ryder,Chase,Marshall,Skye,Rocky,Rubble,and Zuma.

Paw Patrol: Hi.

Gab: Hi.

Steve: Hey.

Ariel: Ryder,Pups this is my family I was telling you guys about.

Ryder: Wow. Nice family Ariel.

Ariel: I don't want to I say I told your so but I told your so.

Gab: So, the reason we're here it's because we want you to come home with us.

Ariel: What.

To be coutined.

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