(Marygold sat in front of the big screen in the lookout)

Marygold: *sigh* Why didn't I find my job right away like the rest? I will soon!

(Marygolds reflection appears in the black screen) (She walks up and into it)

Marygold: Oh, why am I acting so uptight? I'm never so worried......

(Her reflection starts laughing) 

Marygolds Reflection: Hahahahaha!!!!! You!? On the one and only Paw Patrol!!?? Hahaha! *sigh* At least your funny.

Marygold: (jumps back) Woah!

Marygolds Reflection: That's right! There not gonna except you! There just gonna ship you off to a new owner! Are you gonna lie again?

Marygold: About what?

Marygolds Reflection: Your past.

(Marygold jumps under a pillow)

Marygold: Go away!!!!!!

Ryder: Marygold? Are you okay?

(Marygold comes out)

Marygold: Oh! I'm-

(She looks at the black screen) (No reflection)

Marygold: Fine. I'm fine!

Ryder: Okay. Why don't you go play with some of the pups.

Marygold: Sounds delightful!

(She walks outside) (Ocean, Rosa, Marie, Marshall, Chase, and Skye are playing jump rope)

Marygold: That looks boring. But there having fun......

(She sneaks past them to a tree) (She lies down under it)

Marygold: Time to practice. Calendula, souci, ringblomma, ringelblume, marygold.

(Rosa comes up to her)

Rosa: Hi, I'm Rosa.

Marygold: I'm Marygold......

Rosa: Do you want to come play?

Marygold: Ummm-


Ryder: Paw Patrol to the lookout!

Rosa: Come on!

Marygold: Coming!

(They all run up to the elevator) 

Marshall: Here I- WOAH!!!!

(Marygold blocks him from the rest)

Chase: Way to take one for the team!

Marygold: Ow....

(At the top)

Marie: Ready for action Ryder sir!

Chase: ........... 

Ryder: Paw Patrol, we have an emergency. There's all kinds of tourist trouble from the crowd from all around the world.

Ocean: That looks crowded.

Ryder: The ship's are running late. Zuma, we need you to get to the ship's and see what's taking so long.

Zuma: Lets dive in!

Ryder: Chase, we need you to control the crowd. Marygold, why don't you come along.

Marygold: Me?

Chase: Chase is on the case!

(Zuma jumps down the elevator)

Chase: Come on!

(He and Marygold go down together)

In town........

Zuma: Okay dudes. Good luck!

(He drives away)

Chase: (through the megaphone) People! Please be patient! The boats are running late.

(Some calm down) (The others, nope)

Chase: Why won't they listen?

Marygold: They must speak different languages.

Chase: *sigh* Great.

Marygold: Give me that.

(She holds Chases megaphone to her mouth)

Marygold: (Through the megaphone) La barcos son funcionamiento tarde! Por favor ser paciente!

(Some calm down)

Chase: It's working!

Marygold: (through the megaphone) Die schiffe sind lauf spat! Bitte sein geduld! 

(More calm down)

Marygold: (through the megaphone) La navires sont tard! S'il vous plait!

(After she has spoken to all cultures, they are all calm)

Marygold: *pants* Ultimate headache.

Chase: You did it Marygold!

Marygold: Daw! It was nothing!

(At the lookout)

Ryder: Pups, I'm sure we all heard about someone saving the day.

(Everyone looks at Marygold and smiles)

Ryder: And that's why Marygold is the new translator pup! 

(While all the pups howl, Marygold sees her reflection in the screen)

Marygold: Surprised?

(The reflection can't speak, she's too blown away)

Marygold: That's what I thought.

(Ryder puts a glass collar on her)

Ryder: It's very strong glass, but be careful.

Marygold: It's hermoso! 

Ryder: And there's a surprise at the bottom of the slide!

Marygold: Really!?

(She dives down the slide) (She lands on a small silver car)

Marygold: Uh....

Ryder: Something wrong?

Marygold: Well........


Ryder: Whew! Took a lot of remodeling, but I did it!

Marygold: Perfect!

(She's sitting in a sliver convertible)

The End

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