Characters Edit

  • Gadget
  • Smiley

Story Edit

Gadget and Smiley walked along the lake. The low mist swirled around their paws as the moon reflected off the lake. Smiley sat down by the lake her back paws resting inches away from the lake's water. Gadget sat down by her cuddling into her ear fluff making her blush.

“You're ears are so fluffy!” He said hugging one.

“Aww thanks Gadget!” She said letting him cuddle with one.

“You're welcome!” He said when suddenly their was some flapping behind them. Smiley turned around a bird was coming straight towards them. Smiles screamed as the bird grabbed onto her collar. She quickly reached up so she could unclip it as Gadget jumped up. “Blasted Bird!” he crushed jumping up too grab her collar. The bird released but Gadget landed on a puddle of mud slipping into the pond.

“Grab my ear!” Smiley said leaning her ear towards Gadget so he could grab it. Once he had his paw around it she pulled back pulling him into the shore.

“T-Thanks!” he stuttered shaking.

“You must be freezing!” she said wrapping her ears around him.

“Hehe thanks” He said smiling and blushing while she tried too dry him off.

“Okay, think you can make it too the lookout so we can run you a hot bath?” She said to him. He nodded after she removed her ears from him. They walked together, Smiley making sure that Gadget stayed close by.

Soon enough Smiley was helping Gadget get dried after a warm bath.

“I think I can do it myself ahh!” Gadget said starting to sneeze. Smile backed up “Choo!” he sneezed spraying water from his damp coat.

“Okay I will let you..” Smiley said leaving the bathroom so Gadget could finish up.

A few days passed and Gadget had gotten a cold. Now he and Smiley rested together on a beanbag together. Smiley had her ears wrapped around him and was holding him in her arms.

“You're so small! and cute!” She said cuddling him.

“Thanks!” He said blushing before sneezing again wiping his nose on her ear.

“aww” she said letting him and cuddling him closer “I love you Gadget.” she said. Gadget blushed at her words.

“Hehe I love you too Smiley” She said cuddling into her and laying his head against her. Falling asleep.

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