Rocky : Smoky will get here soon.

(Smoky arrived and see Skye and Rocky making Tundra's Party Surprise)

Smoky : Hey Pups.

Rocky and Skye : Smoky!

Smoky : Hey. Is this party house belong to Tundra and her party today?

Rocky and Marshall : Yes. Would you like to come and join Tundra's Party?

Smoky : Yeah. How are the Prepares?

Tundra : Chase. Are You Come With I Done with Huh?

(Chase is still swinging)

Chase : Tundra. How you going?

Tundra : I'm Going to Slide

(Tundra will go To Her Party)

Chase : Tundra. Don't Go Anyway.

Tundra : Why?

Chase : The Party is not yet done.

Tundra : What?

Rubble : The Party is not done.

Rocky : Smoky. Get a cake blower.

Smoky : On It.

Tundra : We will go if They Finish.

(Rocky finishes the cake. Tundra get there)

Pups : Surprise!

(Tundra surprises)

Tundra : Whoa! Thanks

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