Characters Edit

Original 6 pups except Everest






Princess mentioned


Ace and Lani


Story Edit

The story begins on a Cold,rainy, afternoon at the lookout,

Bear had came for a visit, along with Saria

Bear: Hey, Scramble? *Knocks on the glass*

Saria: H-H-Hurry up,!! *shivering* it's cold!!

Scramble: Bear!! How are you? Bro!

Bear: Great,Great, By the way, You guys have an indoor fireplace, Right?

Scramble: I assume you are referring to your housemate over there?

Bear: My mate?? No,*blushes*

Scramble: Your housemate!

Ryder,Chase,Skye: Hey guys, *closes the door*

Scramble: So.. we're going hiking tomorrow!!

Bear: Really..Really!! Yes! I love hiking!

Saria: hmm..I wouldn't mind. I love exploring.

Ryder and Tundra: We're going up to jake's and heading towards Yumi's farm then back to Jake's lodge, to warm up.

Hey...How did you know I was gonna say that?

Sage: hehe you guys are funny!

Aurora: Hope they have mud on the mountain!

Winter: I'll just stay close too Daddy..

Bear: Winter..just because my name's Bear, doesn't mean you have to be afraid of me. *gives her a hug*

Winter: Squirms a bit, frightened* oh..okay. Your soft...

Saria: You seem to be good with kids! That's interesting.

Bear: Hehe, I try..

Saria, Chase and Ryder: Hey! The rain stopped!

Bear: You know what I was thinking?

Saria: I think I do!


Aurora: Puddles?? Yay!

Trio: *Run outside* Yay!

(Ten minutes later)

Ryder: Ok pups, Time to come inside and wash up!

All: Yes, Ryder..

Bear: (brr) at least we're clean!

Saria: Not yet.. *grooms his hair*

Bear: Ahh *blushes* Please don't, not in public...

Over both there tags... Mr. Porter: Hey guys, we need some help in the restaurant, it's getting pretty busy!

Bear and Saria: Okay, be right there! Bye Ryder! Contact us when you are ready to go hiking.

At Mr. Porters....

Bear: What will your order be?

Man: The Tuesday special please.

Bear: That will be it?

Wife: Yes, thank you.

(Bear gives their order to the cook)

Mr. Porter: Bear, Bear, Here *throws a stack of order sheets on him* oops! Sorry

(Under the stack) Bear: it's okay, I'll give them to the cooks.

At 12:00 (Closing Time, for lunch)

Mr. Porter, Saria, Bear and the Cook: Busiest morning ever!

Bear: Yea..

Over Both tags: Hey pups! Time to go hiking!

Both: Mr. Porter, we have to go!

Alex: Wait, Saria! Didn't you say that you were going to play with me?

Saria: Oh.. Sorry Bear, I forgot! Tell Ryder.

Bear: Okies, Bye guys!

At the Lookout...

Chase: Everyone ready?

Tundra and her pups: Yup!

Winter: Though, I'm staying with "Uncle" Bear.

Bear: Ok, let's set off!

At the mountain

Jake: Alright, I'll be leading you!

After the hike

Bear: I loved the hike!, I think I might stay for the evening.

Ryder: Quick pups!! Come quick!!

They join into the room with the other pups


Reporter: There is now a full house, grease fire at "Mr. Porters Restaurant and Cafe", there is believed to be 5 people, 1 pup and 1 child trapped in this raging blaze.

(They show the blaze)

Bear: What! No!!

Ryder: Let's get into action! Chase! Get down to help with the flow of traffic! Marshall! Help the Fire Department put out and contain the blaze!

(They rush into help)

Bear: Come on! Get water up there!

Fire fighters scramble all around and try to douse the blaze!

Fire Chief: Get me a line to the International airport!

Secondary Chief: Here you go sir!

Fire Chief: This is Fire chief of Adventure Bay South! I am requesting additional airport units to assist in fighting a Grease Fire, Code 9!

Chief of Airport fire station: Yes chief! I will send 3 units! A 8x8 and 2 4x4s!

Bear: Scramble! Where's my suit?

Scramble: Here, Here! I got it!

Bear: *puts on MaxThis suit*

Firefighter: here are the extinguishers! *straps them on to his suit*

Saria: *howls and screams* Someone help! The fire!! Alex is coughing real bad!

Bear: Here is the Fire department, guys!

A Oshkosh 8x8 Striker and 2 Oshkosh 4x4 Strikers blare there horns while Chase clears the traffic

Bear: I'm going in! *runs into the building* Guys! Guys! where are you?

Saria and Alex: Here* coughs bad*

Bear: Hop on saria! Alex come on *grabs onto his t shirt* Will finish Tomorrow, I am "Dog" Tired!

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