3rd Milo

The Third Milo is played by Christopher Eccleston, who also played the Ninth Doctor. Notice the Lanyards.

This is the third incarnation of Milo. He is a Timelord from the planet Gallifrey, in the constellation of Kasterborous. A friend of Ryder and the PAW Patrol, helping them out of extraterrestrial trouble, and giving them a tour of the past, present, future, and the universe. He is the one who made K-9-5. Although it hasn`t been specified which incarnation of Milo built K-95, we can infer it was the first one.

Previous Milo: 2nd Milo

Next Milo: 4th Milo


This version of Milo started after being shot in both hearts by a Cyberman, explains the Timelord's ability to regenerate, and regenerated. (Regeneration) He later meets 9-K-5, thinking that he's K-9 Mk 6. Later hacks into 9-K-5's memory chip. In Pups and the Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, he fixes his TARDIS. In The Stolen Earth/The Journey's End (PAW Patrol experience), he lands 5 months later, saves Skye from plumeting to death, meets Dirge, saves his TARDIS`s life, unintentionally making his TARDIS a hybrid of 25% type 97, 75% type 40. He later finds out Davros is still alive, and even later, decides to go back into the Time War to face his fears. Later, (one second for Ryder and the PAW Patrol, 300 years for Milo) Ryder and the PAW Patrol unknowingly sent Milo`s TARDIS back to him, and also unknowingly saved his life. Milo gets shot by a Dalek, his TARDIS materialized aroung him, and he leaves the Time War, helps with the creation of the PAW Patrol, and then when he regenerated, he went out with a "BANG!" (literally).


Looks like the 9th Doctor + 2 lanyards around his neck.


Christopher Eccleston

Appearances in My StoriesEdit

Regeneration (Debut)

The Alternate Robot

K-9-5 and RoboPup

K-9-5, A Pup for a Day

The Secret of K-9-5 (Briefly)

Pups and the Time And Relative Dimension In Space

The Stolen Earth/The Journey's End (PAW Patrol experience) (Last appearance)

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